Tanya Lapointe

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Tanya Lapointe

Tanya Lapointe is the wife of French Canadian filmmaker Denis Villeneuve. Tanya herself is a filmmaker and former journalist

She is well known for her book "The Art and Soul of Blade Runner 2049". She is currently living in Montreal, Canada. She is a Canadian citizen. 

Relationship Status Of Denis Villeneuve 

Denis is in a relationship with Tanya Lapointe. Although he is married and revealed his wife's name, he hasn't opened up much about her. 

He hadn't revealed when and how they met and how it all started between them.

However, it is known that he has three children from his ex-partner. 

He has maintained silence about his ex-partner, too, so it's unknown who's the mother of his children. 

His past relationship's detail is still under review. He is happy with his wife, and they are happily living their married life together.

Tanya with her husband
Tanya with her husband  Source: Instagram

About Denis Villeneuve 

Denis is a French Canadian filmmaker born on October 3, 1967. He is well known for directing thriller-based best movies. 

He is the son of Nicole Demers and Jean Villeneuve and was raised with his siblings. 

As a filmmaker, he started his career by directing short movies. He later started directing movies. 

He has directed movies like Prisoners, Sicario, Blade Runner and many more. 

His film-making made him win Grammy awards, Screen Awards and many more. 

He has been married two times to date and has three children from his previous marriage.

Denis, in his black and white photoshoot
Denis, in his black and white photoshoot  Source: Instagram 


Denis is 54 years old.

Net worth 

The net worth of Denis is $16 Million. His source of income is filmmaking. The average earning of the filmmaker is $39,000 per year. 

Denis Villeneuve, The Best Director Ever

Denis is one of the versatile filmmakers in the industry. He is best director.

He is said to be one of the best due to the amazing movies and series that he makes. His films are full of suspense, thriller, scientific matters and many more.

He has never claimed that he is the best filmmaker but has proven it with his works. 

His production and directions are phenomenal, and he proved it by his films like Arrival, Prisoner, Incendies and many more.

Denis Doesn't Want His Movie To Be Like Star Wars

Denis is currently working on his new movie named Dune, a movie based on the book named Dune written by Herbert

But this time, he found it difficult to execute the movie. It is because its similar to sci-fi movie "Star Wars." 

Star Wars is also inspired by the book Dune and has many things in common. He didn't want his movie Dune to be too much like Star Wars.

Being one of the best filmmakers in the field, he wanted to create something different for his audience and not go out of the book's content. 

He had to bring a new taste to the movie so that audience finds it unique. 

Well, he followed the book and found a way out to produce a whole new kind of movie that would keep his audience's jaw open as always.

Denis Also Had A Flop Movie 

Denis is one of the best filmmaker that the industry has ever been introduced to. 

But it might come as a surprise to his fans and followers that a few years ago, he almost had a flop movie produced. 

He made a movie named Blade Runner 2049 in 2017. It didn't shine in the box office and had a bad start. 

Even though Denis was happily making the movie, the movie didn't go well. 

He thought it would be his worst movie to sell, and he would have a loss. But fortunately, the movie didn't do loss. 

In addition, the movie earned a bit of profit.

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