Who Is Tara Richards? Late Son Of Keith Richards

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Tara Richards is the late son of musician and songwriter of The Rolling Stone, Keith Richards

He died when he was just three months old back in 1976. His mother is the late Anita Pallenberg, a model and actress. 

He had two siblings, Marlon and Angela. His parents were never married. Later, they got separated. 

His mother died at the age of 73. 

Parents of Tara Richards.
Parents of Tara Richards. Source: Pinterest

Father's Married Life

Keith is married to Patti Hansen. His wife is a model and actress. 

They tied the knot back in 1983. They met each other in 1979 and met again at Keith's 36th birthday party. They share two kids.

Keith Richards with his wife.
Keith Richards with his wife. Source: People


His father, Keith, is 79 years old.

Net Worth

His father, Keith's net worth is estimated at $500 million.

Chuck Berry Punched Keith

In an interview, Keith revealed Chuck was his biggest inspiration. He said he got inspired to play guitar and write songs from him. 

He revealed that he was punched in his face by Chuck Berry once. 

He shared that he was in a dressing room and doing some informal live performances, and Chuck went from there. 

He saw his guitar lying on the case, and he just wanted to play a little on his guitar, but suddenly, Chuck walked in and told him that no one dared to touch his guitar and punched him in the face. 

He joked that it was one of Chuck's biggest hits.

Keith As Cool Granddad

Keith has five grandchildren. He shared his grandkids would discover how incredible their grandfather is in the future. 

Keith also wrote a children's book called Gus & Me. He said that he has never sung a lullaby to them as he can’t image him doing that, but he has done many things with them according to their age. 

He watched cartoons with them.

Richards Talked About His Addiction

Keith has been addicted to smoking since the very beginning. He quit smoking after 55 years

He shared he doesn’t think about it and does not miss it. He said he started rehearsing for his tour, which immensely helped him.

He mentioned he was feeling good that he didn’t miss smoking. 

Keith Got Into Legal Trouble Because Of His Addiction Back In Days

Keith had gotten into trouble because of drugs. Police raided his house in West Wittering, and they found various substances. 

He was jailed for one year but got out of jail after an appeal. He had to be in court for almost a decade. 

He was arrested in Toronto on a serious charge. He was charged with trafficking heroin to Canada. 

His fans in Canada protested outside the court to release Keith as they knew that if Keith were sentenced for trafficking, The Rolling Stone would collapse. 

The court suspended his sentence, and he was told to continue his treatment for his heroin addiction so that he could perform his concert. 

After the Toronto incident, he gave up taking heroin. He said it was easy for him to get into heroin, but it was difficult to get out of it.

Lesser Known Facts About Keith

Keith met his bandmate Mick Jagger when they were kids, as they were in the same school. 

He met Mick again on a train back in 1960. He was born in the UK. His birthday falls on December 18

He writes songs on envelopes. He has won three Grammy and got a Grammy nomination 14 times

He has appeared in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean. He showed his interest in music at the age of three.

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