Who Is Tasheilia Chapple? Mother Of Ashley Jones

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Who Is Tasheilia Chapple? Mother Of Ashley Jones

Tasheilia Chapple is the mother of Teen Mom fame reality show personality Ashley Jones.

She is a preacher. Her husband is Ted Chapple. She has two children, Ashley and Chris.

She was not married to Ashley’s dad. Chris is Ashley’s half-sister. She is known as Pastor Tea.

Tasheilia Chapple's daughter Ashley Jones
Tasheilia Chapple's daughter Ashley Jones Source: Instagram

Is Tasheilia’s Daughter Ashley Married?

She is married to Bar Smith. They have a low-key wedding. She was dating him on and off before they got married. 

The couple got married six months before Teen Mom Reunion, which is in March 2021. 

But things did not look good between the couple as there was no romantic bond or spark in their relationship at the time of filming. 

She addressed him as a partner during the episode filming rather than calling him her husband. 

She did agree that there were many problems in their marriage, and Bar needed to work hard to prove himself so that they could save their marriage. 

Despite this, the couple has one child, their daughter Holly.

Ashley Jones with her husband Bar Smith
Ashley Jones with her husband Bar Smith Source: Instagram

Did Ashley And Bar Break Up?

After they revealed their secret wedding in Teen Mom, Ashley also revealed that their relationship was not going well, and they were having a problem holding their marriage. 

It is all because of her husband, Bar, who was not serious and putting an effort to save his marriage. 

Her husband is also involved in legal things as he was found guilty of firing a gun at a party. 

It seems that Ashley wants to split from him, but there is no confirmation from the couple about their break-up.

Tasheilia Chapple's daughter Ashley Jones and granddaughter Holly
Tasheilia Chapple's daughter Ashley Jones and granddaughter Holly Source: Instagram


Ashely is 25 years old as of 2022.

Net Worth 

Ashely's net worth is estimated to be $100k to $300k. 

Ashley Was On Fire During Teen Mom 2 Reunion

One of the Teen Mom stars accused Ashley of lying on Teen Mom. Ashley was furious at her. 

They both abused each other. 

Things got heated up so much that the Teen Mom crew and bouncer had to come on camera to separate them. 

Then she started shouting at all her fellow Teen Mom members. 

She lost her temper and walked out of the interview. 

She was so angry that none of them supported her during her worst time. 

Nobody bothered to call her and try to know how she was when she was going through a lot in her life. 

She supported all her girls when they needed her, so she was very hurt and angry and had a fight with everyone.

Bar’s Mom Doesn't Like Ashley. 

Bar’s mom, Shen, always had a problem with Ashley from the day she started dating Bar. 

She is very possessive about her son. 

Shen crossed her line and threatened to send someone to beat her online. 

From the show, it is pretty clear that Shen hates her son’s girlfriend. 

One day Bar’s mother had to babysit her daughter Holly, but Ashley was not comfortable with that. 

But she agreed just for the shake of the Bar.

When they arrived there, Shen hugged her son and took her granddaughter but did not speak to Ashley. 

Ashley found it rude and walked out from there. 

The next day they sorted things with each other and talked about they should find a way to adjust.

Ashley Finally Graduated

Despite being a teen mom, she still graduated in medical assistance. 

Her daughter inspired her to pursue her dream. 

During her graduation ceremony, her whole family came to show support for her. 

When Ashley’s name was called on stage, her family shouted and cheered for her.

Her parents were so proud. 

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