Who is Tatiana Trouboul? Stunning Girlfriend Of David Raya

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Who is Tatiana Trouboul? Stunning Girlfriend Of David Raya

Tatiana Trouboul is David Raya's girlfriend, a Spanish soccer goalkeeper. Tatiana is a model who used to work in a Barcelona nightclub

Tatiana Trouboul and David Raya.
Tatiana Trouboul and David Raya. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

David and Tatiana are dating. The couple met in 2021 and kept their relationship private until June 2022

Tatiana is originally from Barcelona but now lives with David in London. 

Despite not being very active on Instagram, she has gained popularity with nearly 13.9k followers. 

The couple are currently unmarried. They seem very committed to each other.

Recently, David wished Tatiana on his Instagram on her 25th birthday.

Tatiana Trouboul with her boyfriend, David Raya.
Tatiana Trouboul with her boyfriend, David Raya. Source: Instagram


Tatiana was born on 10 November 1998. She will be 25 years old in 2023. 

Net Worth

As a Spanish soccer goalkeeper, David's net worth is about $10 million

David's Love For Football And His Journey In The Sport

David is a goalkeeper from Brentford and Spain

He talks about his love for football and his journey in the sport. 

He shared that playing with his brother as a kid interested him in goalkeeping. 

David played for his local team and enjoyed Futsal on Sundays with friends. 

He loves white kits and follows several Premier League clubs, including Liverpool

David was scouted by Cornelia, a football academy in Spain, when he was 10 or 9. 

Choosing Cornelia was easy for him and his family because it was a top academy in Catalonia

His brother, a footballer, joined and made it convenient for them. 

David played on good terms but didn’t get a chance against big clubs like Madrid or Seville

He enjoys playing as a goalkeeper, especially being technical and exclusive, but he loves it more when on the team. 

David likes being involved with the team, helping with shooting and stops. 

He talks about a quiz where he guesses if people are goalkeepers and shares his success and one mistake. 

David's dedication to football and goalkeeping shines through. 

Aaron Ramsdale Lost His Main Spot When David From Brentford Joined On A Loan

Aaron Ramsdale, the English goalkeeper for Arsenal, lost his starting position when David was loaned from Brentford. 

However, Aaron got to play after over two months in a recent match against Brentford

In that game, he had a few shaky moments, but a teammate, Declan Rice, saved a goal by clearing the ball off the line. 

After the match, Arsenal’s manager expressed happiness with the team’s performance and the clean sheet.

Aaron had not played much recently because David was the preferred goalkeeper

However, due to a rule, David couldn’t play against his former club in the Premier League. 

Aaron had an excellent second half in making up for his earlier mistake with some quality saves. 

Arsenal won 1-0 and moved to the top of the league table. 

Aaron will be hoping to play more regularly in future matches.

David’s Journey From Brentford’s Academy To Personal Growth at Southport

David talked about his training experience at Brentford F.C.’s academy and the team spirit and attitude differences between English and Spanish footballers. 

He highlights his loan move to Southport as the best experience for personal and football development. 

During his time at Southport, David discussed the importance of winning games, training conditions, and dressing rooms. 

The loan motivated him to establish himself at Blackburn, where he debuted at 19

David made his professional debut in a two-touch game with John Kelly

The game was part of a system where losing three games meant facing a class story. 

When Simon Kelly got injured, David played without a goalie in a crucial game, and Blackburn Rovers later got promoted to the championship.

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