Who Is Tatiana Djordjevic? Stunning Girlfriend Of Pedro Alonso

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Who Is Tatiana Djordjevic? Stunning Girlfriend Of Pedro Alonso

Tatiana Djordjevic is the girlfriend of actor, artist, and producer Pedro Alonso. She is a hypnotherapist. She was born in France

Are Pedro And Tatiana Married?

Tatiana is not yet ready to become Pedro's wife. 

They have been dating each other for a very long time but have not put a ring on each other finger. 

Pedro has a daughter from his first ex-spouse. Pedro and Tatiana do not have kids together. 

Tatjana Djordjevic with her partner, Pedro Alonso.
Tatjana Djordjevic with her partner, Pedro Alonso. Source: Facebook


Pedro is 52 years old. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall

Net Worth

Her partner, Pedro's net worth is estimated at $6 million

He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor, writer, and artist

Pedro Talked About His Regression Session

Pedro shared he did a regression with his girlfriend Tatiana, who is a hypnotherapist

He said their first meeting was like an explosion. 

In his book 'The Book of Filipo,' he writes about things he saw in his regression session. 

He said he was a Filipino soldier from the Roman Empire who traveled to the East to fight the enemies trying to destroy the Roman Empire

He added his life changed when he met the Filipino leader. 

He said he clearly remembered what he saw during his regression session. 

He shared that his girlfriend acted as a bridge between reality and fantasy. 

He shared that she knew exactly what to ask and when she should stop him. 

He said she carefully built the journey for him and it was very intensive for him when he experienced it for the first time. 

He said his story was very extreme. He shared he wrote down everything he saw in his regression. 

He noted down Filipo's story with a description. He said he had four regressions in total. 

Pedro Talked About His Book The Book of Filipo

Pedro wrote The Book of Filipo with his girlfriend, Tatiana

His girlfriend wrote the preface of the book. 

He wrote the book from stories that he saw during his regression session. 

He said he had written a book before but didn’t dare to publish it. 

Pedro remembered the stories from his experience. 

He said the experience in that regression session was like watching a movie. 

At first, he started writing in a non-fiction format, but later, he turned it into a novel. 

He shared that in Spain, his book is published as non-fiction. He said, for him, it was his story. 

He revealed when he was writing, he ensured he was not editing too much from the story. 

He said people tend to amplify their writing, but he was careful about not escalating the story. 

He said he wrote everything when he saw from the eye of Filipo.

He completed his book after four regression experiences. 

Pedro Talked About The Artistic Journey With His Girlfriend

Pedro said that when he met Tatiana, both of them realized that they had a lot of things in common. 

He said both of them love writing and painting. He said she likes expression, whereas he is figurative. 

He said one day, they went to an exhibition in France and sat down to play a game. 

He shared Tatiana started to paint something, then she stopped, and he continued to paint from where she left. 

They did the same thing a couple of times, differing from each other paintings and making necessary changes according to their taste. 

He said it was like a game without any restrictions. 

He shared they were satisfied with the end result once they were done with their painting. 

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