Who Is Teri Noble Maloney? Mother Of Katie Maloney

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Who Is Teri Noble Maloney? Mother Of Katie Maloney

Teri Noble Maloney the ex-husband is the mother of an American actress, music supervisor, and TV personality Katie Maloney.

She's married to Richard Maloney and has two children Katie and Rocky Maloney.

Children of Teri Noble Maloney.
Children of Teri Noble Maloney. Source: Instagram

About Teri's Daughter Katie

Katie is an actress, music supervisor, and TV personality. She is well known for her appearance in the reality TV show "Vanderpump Rules".

Katie was born to her mom Teri Noble and Richard Maloney in 1987. She has her birthday on 16 January.

Teri Noble Maloney's husband and daughter.
Teri Noble Maloney's husband and daughter. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Katie 

Katie is currently unmarried but she does have a boyfriend. She is currently dating Satchel Clendenin, an actor. 

Her current partner is younger than her and she was the one who talked about that new man that she has been spending time with. 

She revealed that she is not in a serious relationship thing with Satchel. They are just causally dating and having fun together.

Who Was Katie Married? 

Katie was previously married to her ex-husband Tom Schwartz. They met each other for the first time in 2011 and a year after knowing each other they started dating. 

In 2016, Katie tied the knot with Tom. They didn't have any kids throughout their marriage. 

They remained married for six years and after that, they got divorced in 2022. 

Katie with her ex-husband Tom Schwartz.
Katie with her ex-husband Tom Schwartz. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her daughter Katie is 36 years old. She has a net worth of $1.5 Million. 

Katie Won’t Give Her Ex A Second Chance

Katie and her ex-husband Tom Schwartz were together for more than a decade. 

After six years of their marriage, the couple decided to end it and got divorced. 

Katie was the one who first took steps to end her own marriage. She had many issues with Tom which made her leave him and the relationship. 

In one of the interviews when Katie was asked if she would patch up with her ex-husband if he tries to work on the problem that Katie has. 

She honestly replied saying that she will never get back with him again. There are many unsolved things between her and Tom and because of that, there are many things to talk about which is a lot of work. 

Katie cleared out that she has no intention of giving her ex another chance.

Katie Fell From Skylight

Back in Nov 2009, Katie got herself into a big accident that caused her brain injury. 

She was in her friend’s apartment and was sitting on the roof’s skylight. 

She suddenly fell off the skylight 25 feet down and was injured. 

As Katie fell off from such height she got her jaw, collarbone, and ribs were broken. 

When she fell off the ground she also hit her head on the ground which caused bleeding in her brain. 

That was the terrifying accident that changed her life drastically. 

After the accident, she was physically and mentally affected. She only focused on her physical recovery for six months. 

It took her a long time to recover from the effects that were caused of the accident

Katie Suffered From Depression

Katie’s accident in 2009 was something that nearly took her life. 

She was lucky that she managed to survive but even though she managed to survive nothing was the same for her. 

Katie opened up that her falling from the skylight made her lose herself. 

Before that incident, she was always confident, happy, and positive about all things. 

Her brain injury from the accident made her mental health worse. 

She felt her emotion getting heightened and when she got emotional she was unable to understand herself and other people. 

She suffered from PTSD which made her suffer from depression. She hated herself and was always angry. 

She couldn’t control her emotion and became mean to many people. 

It took her more than a decade to come over the depression that she suffered because of the accident.

Katie Distanced Herself From Her Friend

Katie and her ex-husband Tom Schwartz's divorce was a whole controversial thing on the internet.

They separated after a decade-long of dating and marriage in 2022 and after their divorce and new rumors, Katie separated from her friend Raquel Leviss. 

The whole story was, a month after Katie left her ex-husband Tom, Katie’s friend Raquel was found making out with Tom on their friend Scheana’s marriage. 

Katie was not happy and when she found out Raquel and Tom making out so Katie decided to end her friendship with   Raquel

On the other Raquel accepted that she hurt her friend Katie and even tried to talk to her when she met her but also thought that Katie might need some space so she didn’t make any move. 

Katie was filled with hatred when she learned about her own friend and ex-husband. 

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