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Tharcisse Gatwa is the father of famous Rwandan-Scottish actor Ncuti Gatwa

Tharcisse is professionally a journalist. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Theology. He and his wife only have a single child, Ncuti

Tharcisse belongs to Byarugenge, Rwanda. He is a British citizen. 

Tharcisse Gatwa son and wife
Tharcisse Gatwa son and wife   Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Ncuti Gatwa 

Ncuti is rumored to be single. He wants to keep his life private and not reveal much about his life. 

He hasn't revealed much about his love life till now. Somehow, he was rumored to be in a relationship with Jessica Hardwick in the past. 

However, he hasn't revealed much about their dating history such as how they met each other and how they started dating. 

He did share a picture of him with Jessica. As of today, he is more focused on his career and is doing his best on his field.

Ncuti performing in theater
Ncuti performing in theater   Source: Instagram

About Ncuti Gatwa 

Ncuti is a Rwandan-Scottish actor who was born on 16 October 1992. His birth name is Mizera Ncuti Gatwa. He was born in Rwanda and was raised there by his parents. 

He always loved acting and was interested in it, so he decided to choose an acting career. 

He debuted as an actor in the 2015 series Bob Servant. He continued to play a supporting role and was doing great on it. 

He then appeared as a lead in the Netflix comedy-drama series Sex Education in 2018, which helped him gain a lot of fame and name. 

His character as a gay made the audience appreciate his acting skills and talent. He was also given a lot of awards for his performance.

Tharcisse Gatwa son Ncuti Gatwa 
Tharcisse Gatwa son Ncuti Gatwa   Source: Instagram


Ncuti is 28 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Ncuti is $150,000. His source income is acting. 

The yearly income of the actor is estimated to be $40 806.

Ncuti Gatwa Didn't Have A Place To Stay

Ncuti is one of the rising young actors in the current time. 

His performance has left a lot of impact on his audience and has gained a lot of fame in current days. 

He is living a great and wealthy life. But it was not always the same for him. 

Before he gained his fame, he didn't even have his own home to stay. Nor he had rent to pay. 

He was financially broke. He was homeless for five months.

Luckily, his friends were there for him in his hard time. He stayed with his friends, and they helped him feel at home. 

He then got a role in the series "Sex Education." It changed his life and made him a successful man. 

Ncuti Gatwa Inspired A Lot Of People

Ncuti has inspired a lot of youths today. He played a role of a gay character in his series "Sex Education." He is shown as a strong character in the series. 

He was scared to come out as gay at the beginning of the series, but eventually, he showed everyone that it is okay accept yourself as you are. 

Self-acceptance is much important, and his character teaches the same thing. 

The audience got inspired to be confident and know more about the LGBT community. 

He directly or indirectly also promoted the LGBT community. 

Even outside of the show, he constantly talks about how people should not hesitate to come in front of society as a person they are regardless of any sexuality, gender or color. 

He inspires many people who are scared to accept themselves, which has changed their lives.

Ncuti Came From A Theatre Background

Ncuti played a supporting role in many movies. He finally got one of the lead roles in the famous series "Sex Education." 

His performance then reached many audiences and people liked his work and acting. He was also awarded many awards. 

This talent might have been natural, but it was refined even more as he joined the theater. 

He has been a theater actor from the beginning of his acting career. He being part of theater in the past is reason for his natural acting. 

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