Who is Theo Thompson? Son Of Tristan Thompson

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Theo Thompson is the son of Canadian-American professional basketball player Tristan Thompson

His mother's name is Maralee Nichols, a real estate agent. He has two half-siblings, an elder brother, Prince, and an elder sister, True. 

 He is an American citizen. 

Theo Thompson's father Tristan Thompson
Theo Thompson's father Tristan Thompson   Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Theo's Dad Tristan 

Tristan is currently unmarried. Back in 2014, Tristan was dating Jordan Craig

They stayed as a couple for two years and later broke up in 2016

In the same year, they welcomed their son Prince

Theo Thompson's half-siblings True and Prince
Theo Thompson's half-siblings True and Prince Source: Instagram

He was then in an open relationship with Khloe Kardashian. They started back in 2016.

Tristan and Khloe are parents of a child named True, who was born in 2017

Khloe and Tristan were together till 2021

Recently he had welcomed his third child with Maralee Nichols, but he never dated her. 

Tristan Is A Bad Dad

In the podcast “The Real Day Time” three women talked about Tristan, his relationships, and many more. 

Tristan Thompson is a well-known NBA player, and he is known for being the ex-partner of Khloe Kardashian

Some time back, a woman named Maralee Nichols accused Tristan, saying that she was pregnant with her baby. 

Tristan completely denied that accusation saying that Maralee lied and it was not his baby. 

But after a DNA test, it was clear that Maralee was telling truth. The court ordered Tristan to pay the child support, and he agreed. 

Maralee later opened up that he was not getting any help from Tristan. Not only that, but he also didn’t even try to meet his son. 

Many people support Maralee, saying that Tristan should financially support her son and take responsibility. 

Whereas there are also people who think Maralee doesn’t deserve support because she made the relationship with Tristan knowing he is married. 

The women in the show were saying that Tristan should be a responsible dad and he should look after his son. 

They noted that Tristan has always been in the highlight for being a cheater, and he has never been in the highlight for being a basketball player. 

But it is also known that Tristan is paying $ 40,000 to his children's mother, but in the case of Maralee, she is not given any support. 

Tristan is portrayed as a bad father who shows no effort for his newborn. Tristan should be responsible and must have a relationship with his baby boy.


Theo was born in 2022 and is currently three months old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Tristan is $45 Million. He earns his income as a professional football player.

Father's Complicated Relationships

Talking about Tristan's relationship, he had a long and messy relationship history. 

While he was in a relationship with Khloe Kardashian, he was seen having an affair with many other women, which led Khloe to end her relationship with Tristan, but after finding out about her pregnancy, she gave him another chance, so they got back again. 

But in 2021, Tristan was accused by Maralee Nichols, claiming that she going to be the mother of his child. 

He denied the accusation, but after the paternity test, it was confirmed that it was his baby, which proved that he again cheated Khloe, and that left her heartbroken.

She always wanted to save her relationship but every time she got cheated. Later Tristan apologized to Khloe through his social media account. 

Theo Thompson in his mother Maralee Nichols's lap
Theo Thompson in his mother Maralee Nichols's lap  Source: Hollywood Life

Father Wanted To Sort Out Things

Tristan was in high profile relationship with Khloe Kardashian

They dated till 2021 and after that called it quits. 

Tristan and Khloe had lots of problems in their relationship. 

The couple before broke up in 2019, but they again reunited for their daughter True

Tristan asked Kim for advice so that he can win over Khloe again. 

Kim suggested Tristan to have a proper conversation with her. 

After reuniting in 2019, Tristan and Khloe had a hard time with each other. 

Some days they went completely fine, but other days Khloe used to get tense about what happened between them and what was going on in the media. 

Kim said that Khloe doesn't care about that stuff anymore, and she had moved on with the past because she had been spending a lot of time with Tristan

Saddened By Death 

In 2020, Tristan posted a photo of Late Chadwick Boseman and wrote him heartfelt condolence. 

It was known that Chadwick lost his life after battling colon cancer. 

He was tested for stage II colon cancer in 2016 and had a hard time with that disease. 

He survived that cancer for four years. He died after he reached Stage 4 of cancer. 

Tristan was really affected by his death, and he called him a true fighter. 

Tristan asked the audience to give his family private time as they were having a hard time. 

Was Sorry For His Mistakes 

After all the cheating scandals, Tristan said sorry to Khloe for what he had done to her and for all the hard times that Khloe had gone through because of him. 

He opened that losing Khloe was the hardest part of his life, and he also said that he failed to keep the promise that he made to Khloe.

He promised Khloe that he would protect her and her daughter, but he was not able to keep his promise. 

He was regretting what he did to Khloe.

He also made a video of him apologizing to Khloe for his past actions. 

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