Theresa Gosling- Tragedy Of John Gosling Wife

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Theresa Gosling is the wife of the late American musician John Gosling.

Theresa and John had been married for a very long time. They were together until John’s death parted them. 

There is little information about their marriage, as John was private about his personal life. 

About Her Husband, John

John was a musician known for being a keyboard player. He came to prominence after he became the keyboardist of the band The Kinks.

He joined the band in 1970 and played keyboard for the band till 1978.

He was born in 1948 and had his birthday on Feb 6. His parents raised him in Paignton, Devon. He was an American citizen by his nationality. 

Theresa Gosling's late husband John Gosling.
Theresa Gosling's late husband, John Gosling. Source: Metro UK

Death of Beloved Husband

The famous Keyboardists John died on August 4, 2023, at 75.

His death shocked The Kinks fans and every band member of it. 

His death has deeply affected his wife, Theresa, and his family. 

The exact reason behind his death hasn’t been revealed yet. The former Kinks band members Ray, Mick Avory, and Dave Davies have shared their condolences to the late John.

They have also shown their support to his family during this challenging time. 

He was one of the kind-hearted and funniest people in the Kinks band and will always be remembered. 

Age And Net Worth 

Her late husband, John, was 75 years old. He had a net worth of $500,000. 

John Also Played Hohner Pianet 

John was one of the finest Keyboardists known. 

He played for The Kinks band back in the 70s. However, the Keyboard was not only the thing that he played. 

According to author Doug Hinman's books, it was written that he played modest Hohner Pianet too. 

It belonged to John’s friend Ray and had been played onstage. 

His experience was terrible, but he was glad to see it back. 

He had it for a short time as the road manager took him to one of the music stores in New York, where he got himself a keyboard. 

At that time RMI keyboard was on the top list, and he knew how to match it, so he got that. But he wished to get himself a grand piano and Hammond B3 organ.

John Created His Instrument

John came to the spotlight after he joined The Kinks band. However, he had been part of other bands before joining Kinks. 

His first band was named The Challengers, formed after his one friend knew about The Kinks performing in Saturday club. 

He and another band member created and made their instrument and started practicing. 

They used to practice in a school. After that, he joined another band Hard Rain where they mostly played Bob Dylan’s songs.

During that time, he was working as an organist, and he wrote, performed with his band, and recorded his tape of them performing Magnificat. 

John Enjoyed Passion Of Fans 

The Kinks was one the most loved band back in the 70s. It had a huge fan following, and all the band members enjoyed their fan's love. 

People were eager and passionate about the band, and John enjoyed the fans' eagerness. 

He told in one interview that he and his band wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for their fans supporting them. 

He and his band also appreciated the fans; they would drink and share time with them. 

But their same behavior got the band from one of the New York venues as the band was permitted to take over the stage. 

Also, he and his band member got involved with the fans drinking and chilling, which made them band from that venue. 

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