Who Is Thomas Blige? Father Of Mary J. Blige

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Who Is Thomas Blige? Father Of Mary J. Blige

Thomas Blige is mostly known to be the father of famous singer, songwriter, and rapper Mary J. Blige, who is also known as the Queen of hip-hop soul. 

Except for being a celebrity father, he is also a jazz musician

He was born in 1950.

His daughter is famous and also has won nine Grammy Awards, Four American Music Awards, and ten Billboard Music Awards.

Thomas Blige with his ex-wife Cora Blige and daughters.
Thomas Blige with his ex-wife Cora Blige and daughters. Source: Pinterest

About His Family

While working as a Jazz musician in New York, he met Cora Blige. He fell in love with her. Cora was a nurse.

They dated each other for some time. 

He married his ex-wife Cora and welcomed their first daughter LaTonya Blige-DaCosta on January 16. 

LaTonya got her younger sister, Mary, on January 11, 1971, in Bronx, New York, United States.

The family was living happily until Cora and Thomas got separated in 1980. 

Both their daughters were small when they split up.

Cora moved on with another man after she divorced Thomas. She had given birth to two other children. 

Their names are Bruce Miller and Jonquil. They are Mary's other sisters.

Thomas Blige's ex-wife Cora Blige and daughter Mary J. Blige.
Thomas Blige's ex-wife Cora Blige and daughter Mary J. Blige. Source: Instagram


Thomas is 72 years old in 2022. His daughter Mary is 52 years old

Net Worth

His daughter Mary's net worth is $20 million.

Thomas Got Stabbed

After getting a divorce Thomas dated Cheryl White. They were in a relationship for a long time.

Unfortunately, the relationship turned out in a very toxic way. They used to fight a lot. 

Police were called many times because of domestic violence between them.

On January 23, when both of them were in Chicago's South side, Cheryl cut Thomas's car's tire.

When he found out that she did so, he got mad and started arguing about why she did so. 

During the fight, she attacked him with the kitchen knife on his neck, chest, and other parts. 

Thomas was very badly injured in that attack by his ex-girlfriend. 

He had several injuries to his neck, arm and chest.

The police arrived after some time and caught Cheryl and jailed her. She was in Calhoun Country Jail for 365 days

She was found with blood on her clothes. She was ashamed and quietly cried. 

She had no words to say while police took her to jail for detention. 

She was kept in jail for one year and was placed on five years of probation. 

She was provided with all mental treatment and counseling.

Thomas Blige's daughter Mary J. Blige.
Thomas Blige's daughter Mary J. Blige. Source: Instagram

Survived In The Incident

Even after a severe injury to most of his body parts, Thomas managed to live and recover. 

He was taken to the hospital in Michigan right after the incident happened. 

Thursday morning, around 7 am, his ex-girlfriend attacked him while they were in his apartment in Battle Creek.

Thomas was found by his roommate Michael. 

When Michael saw him, he was bleeding in his kitchen with wounds and was in bad condition. 

He took him to the hospital. 

He was in Bronson Methodist Hospital when police said he was in critical condition. 

He was fighting with death.

Mary Went Through Financial Problems

Mary faced many different financial problems in her lifetime. 

She owed $3.4 million to Internal Revenue Service in May 2013

This talented singer also owes $900,000 to the State of New Jersey. 

She paid $900 000 as soon as possible to the State of New Jersey in 2014.

The same year, she was also targeted by a lawsuit that said she owned a $2.2 million unpaid bank loan.

Now, she has paid off all her debt.

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