Who Is Thomas Pentz? Father Of Diplo

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Who Is Thomas Pentz? Father Of Diplo

Thomas Pentz is the father of an American-born DJ and music producer professionally known as Diplo.

He is one of the biggest Solo DJs in the world. Pentz was a Vietnam veteran. 

Thomas Pentz is in his uniform.
Thomas Pentz is in his uniform. Source: Facebook

Marriage And Children

Pentz has been married to his wife, Barbara Jean Cox, since 1966. He has been married to his wife for five decades

According to his wife’s Facebook profile, she is a business owner of Indian Mound Fish Camp

The couple is the parents of three adult kids, two daughters, Kelly and Amy, and a son, Diplo, who was born as Thomas Wesley Pentz.

His family moved a lot through the south, like Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, and Virginia, before settling in central Florida as their family roots were there.

The couple is also the grandparents of their six grandchildren. Three of their grandchildren, Lockett, Lazer, and Pace, are born to his son from two different relationships. 

The first two are from their son's relationship with actress Kathryn Lockhart and Pace from his relationship with Jevon King. 

Thomas Pentz with his wife.
Thomas Pentz with his wife. Source: Facebook

Age And Net Worth 

Thomas's actual age is unknown however, his son's age is 44 years old.

His net worth is currently under review. As of now, we have the net worth of his son Diplo. His son has a jaw-dropping net worth of $50 million.

As A Discipline Father

His son credits him for giving him the most complex rules of discipline.

As a Vietnam vet, Pentz taught his son the rules of discipline, which his son attributes to his success. 

During an interview, Diplo confessed to being a lousy kid while growing up, bouncing from high school to middle school.

And that no matter how bad he was and how much he disagreed with him, he always gave him the most complex rules of discipline and what it is to apply in whatever you are doing.  

He says though he doesn't have the technical abilities, he always applies to find himself a goal because that is something that his father gave to him before turning into an adult, and that is something he has inside him which separates him from everybody else when he got into the music business.

He also said that because he didn't have a good reputation while at school and dropped out of college, his father was in disbelief at how he was making money. 

Even until his mid-20s, he was asking how he bought the house and what he was doing, and he was like there was no possible way of making money with music.

Thomas Pentz with his son, Diplo.
Thomas Pentz with his son, Diplo. Source: Facebook

Diplo did a handful of jobs before he made his move into music. But, at 22, he was already working 9 to 5

His first job was social work job where he worked with children. 

He felt like he was doing something for someday until he found corruption even in the social work world in Philadelphia. 

Then he started DJing on the side at parties and started learning from DJs

He started making a small investment in promoting his parties and eventually quit his job to give his full-time in music. 

For the next three to four years, he worked hard, failing, bouncing back, and learning more about growing the business. 

In those first years of his career, he was still learning by himself because there was no one to teach him, but since he was obsessed with gaining knowledge about music, he kept on gaining whatever he could, and that obsession led him to become a record collector. 

Then he started buying and selling records to various record collectors. 

He eventually paced and started working with British singer M.I.A. after he approached her one night while she was DJing at the Fabric Club in London

His career skyrocketed and took off as a producer, landing collaborations with prominent artists.

His Son Revealed Getting Oral S*x From A Guy 

During a conversation with Emily Ratajkowski on her podcast" High Low" his son revealed getting oral s*x from a guy. 

He said he had gotten a blow job from a guy before and is sure about it but he also noted that he is not gay.  

Having said that he is not gay, he added there are a couple of guys he could date life partner-wise describing himself as someone more attracted to vibe than gender.

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