Who Is Thomas Wasilewski? Father Of Paul Wesley

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Who Is Thomas Wasilewski? Father Of Paul Wesley

Thomas Wasilewski is the father of actor, director, writer, and producer Pawel Tomasz Wasilewski, who is popularly known as Paul Wesley. 

He was married to Agnieszka Wasilewski. They are parents to their four children, Julia, Leah, Monica, and Paul.

Thomas Wasilewski's wife and their son.
Thomas Wasilewski's wife and their son. Source: Pinterest

Who Is Paul's Girlfriend?

Paul is in a relationship with Natalie Kuckenburg. His partner Is 18 years younger than him. 

They have been dating each other since 2022. Paul was married to Ines de Ramon, and they parted ways in 2022

Paul was married to Torrey DeVitto from 2011 to 2013

 Thomas Wasilewski's son, Paul Wesley.
Thomas Wasilewski's son, Paul Wesley. Source: Instagram


His son, Paul, is 41 years old

Net Worth

His son, Paul's net worth is estimated to be $6 million

Paul Talked His Bromance With Ian Somerhalder

Paul and Ian were co-stars in the series Vampire Dairies. They have been friends ever since. 

In an interview, they said that they knew each other before Vampire Diaries, not personally, but they knew who they were then. 

They were each other neighbors when they were doing a show. 

They wanted to be next to each other, so they looked for nearby apartments. 

They wanted to rehearse their lines and scenes because, at that time, there was no zoom. 

They flew to Atlanta together, wearing the same outfit. 

They bonded instantly, and they knew they would be together for years. 

They own an apartment together where they work with their creative team. They even shopped furniture for their apartment. 

They are more like brothers. They have created a brand called Brother's Bond Bourbon.

They are working together for their brand. Both of them love Bourbon. 

Paul Talked About Brother's Bond Bourbon

Paul said they wanted to create a complex Bourbon for people who love drinking it and make it more approachable for people who are not big fans. 

He said that he had given their Bourbon to people who were not Bourbon lovers, and everyone liked it and said they loved drinking Bourbon

They met in person while doing their fangs fitting at the dentist in Burbank, California.

Paul and Ian have given everything they could to create that Bourbon

He said everything is recyclable and sustainable, from the bottle to the label and neck tag. 

Wesley Shared The Movie That He Was Scared Of As A Child

Wesley shared that he watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when he was a kid

There is one scene in that movie where a guy is trying to rip off Indiana Jones's heart. He kept thinking about that scene over and over. 

He said he used to get nightmares about that heart being ripped off, and his mother had to come to his room to ease him. 

Who Is Paul's Crush?

Paul had a crush on singer and actress Mandy Moore

He said he was doing a soap opera then, and one of his co-stars knew Mandy, so he gave his co-star his number and told him to give it to Mandy.

He never got a call from Mandy

Paul Revealed His Most Prized Possession

Paul loved playing hockey when he was young. Paul used to Madison Square Garden to watch ice hockey matches with his father. 

He was a massive fan of the New York Rangers

In one of the matches, he was sitting in his seat, and a woman working in Madison Square Garden saw him wearing a Mark Messier jersey. 

He was cheering and shouting from his seat. 

She went to the locker room, got Mark's autograph, and handed it to him. He still has that autograph with him.

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