Who Is Tiffany Miles? Ex-Partner Of Chet Hanks

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Who Is Tiffany Miles? Ex-Partner Of Chet Hanks

Tiffany Miles is the ex-partner of American actor and musician Chet Hanks. She has a daughter named Michaiah Hanks with her ex-boyfriend Chet

She is from Bessemer, Alabama. She belongs to the black ethnicity. 

She is an American citizen by her nationality. 

Tiffany Miles's ex-partner Chet Hanks
Tiffany Miles's ex-partner Chet Hanks  Source: Instagram

Chet Relationship Status

Chet does not have a girlfriend. Talking about Tiffany and Chet's kids, the couple has a daughter together named Michaiah Hanks born in 2016

Not Serious About Relationship

Although Chet and Tiffany have a daughter together, it was known that the couple was never in a serious love affair with each other. 

Tiffany got pregnant with Chet's daughter but they were not dating. 

However, they are co-parenting their daughter together. 

Tiffany Miles with her daughter Michaiah Hanks
Tiffany Miles with her daughter Michaiah Hanks Source: Pinterest


Chet is 31 years old. His height is 1.78 m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Chet is $3 Million. His source of income comes as being a musician and actor.

Daughter Saved Life

Chet gave an interview to the Access where he sat and talked about his addiction and how his daughter saved his life. 

He opened up that he had dealt with addiction and his mom knew from the very beginning that he would have to struggle a lot in his life due to addiction. 

And he said that his mom was right and he did have faced a lot of a hard times. 

Chet opened up that after having his daughter, his life completely changed.

He said that he is now achieving everything that he thought of and he is grateful for that. 

He was able to come out of the addiction because of his daughter and if she hadn't come into his life he would have never been where he is now. 

He said that he will tell his daughter that she saved his life when she grows up. 

After his daughter was born he realized the meaning of life and he knew his responsibilities. 

He is glad that his daughter came into his life.

Mom Is A Big Fan

Chet opened up that his mom is the biggest fan of him and she listens to his music a lot and loves it. 

His mom talks about his music where ever they go and praises him in front of every people she meets. 

He feels like his mom is doing free publicity. 

He tried stopping her but she never listens to him and slowly he is starting to be okay with it. 

Chet feels that he has the qualities of both of his parents. 

His mom and dad both are good actors and when he started his acting career his dad was very supportive to him and he taught him lot of things that helped in his acting career. 

His parents are well-known personalities but besides growing up in a star family, he opened up that he had a very normal lifestyle.

His parents wanted him to have a normal life so they raised him like a normal child. 

But the other people thought that he had really cool and standard life but it was not like that. 

His reality was completely different.  

Got Into An Accident 

Back in 2015, Chet had an accident. 

He was driving his parent's car which got crashed into Terry Moogan's car. 

Terry is a butler. 

Terry then accused him of rear-ending his vehicle and also filed a case against him saying that he was driving under the influence of alcohol. 

He was driving very carelessly and Terry demanded his medical charge from Chet's parents as he was injured by their son.

However, Terry didn't charge him for DUI as Chet begged him not to inform to police about that accident.

Attacked By A Knife 

In 2020, Chet posted a video of himself on his social media in which his forehead was covered with blood. 

He spoke in that video saying that his ex-partner tried to kill him with a knife and the reason behind that was Chet caught her stealing money and cards. 

Her ex-partner was also seen in the video and it was Kiana Parker whom he dated in 2020

Many people thought that the woman in the video was Tiffany as Tiffany has also black skin color. 

On the other, Kiana came up and accused Chet of assaulting her while they were in a relationship.

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