Who Is Tihana Perisic? Mother Of Ivan Perisic

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Who Is Tihana Perisic? Mother Of Ivan Perisic

Tihana Perisic is the mother of Croatian professional footballer Ivan Perisic

Her son Ivan currently plays for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and Croatia national team.

She's married to her husband, Ante Perisic. She and her husband had a poultry business. 

She has two children son Ivan and a daughter Anita Perisic with her husband. 

She is of Croatian by her nationality.

Tihana Perisic's son Ivan Perisic.
Tihana Perisic's son Ivan Perisic. Source: Instagram

Who Is Tihana's Son Ivan Married?

Ivan is married to his wife, Josipa Perisic.

He met the love of his life in high school. Josipa and Ivan both studied together, and eventually, they started dating. 

In 2012, Ivan married Josipa, and now they are parents to two children. 

Their first child, son Leonardo Perisic, was born in the same year they got married, and their second child, daughter Manuela Perisic, was born in 2014

Family of Ivan Perisic.
Family of Ivan Perisic. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Tihana are unknown, but her son Ivan is currently 33 years old

Ivan has a net worth of $9 Million. 

Tihana’s Son Proved Himself As A Capable Striker

Tihana’s son Ivan usually plays in the wing-back position to support the attackers to score. 

He is excellent with ball possession and has an extraordinary brain to apply tactics to create unpredictable moves. 

But as Tottenham Hotspur lacked strikers due to injuries, Ivan was placed in the striker position. 

To their surprise, the game that he delivered shocked the whole world. 

He was so good at the position that the club manager considered him a capable attacker and an excellent replacement for the injured strikers. 

He was impressed by Ivan’s performance. Ivan missed some brilliant shots, but still, he was at his best. 

In the match against Liverpool, he proved he was better than anyone else in the attacking position.

The Italian Court fined Ivan.

Ivan was cased over the crime of defamation of his ex-teammate, Inter player Mauro

For the same reason, he had to appear in the Italian court for its hearing. But the Tottenham player was unable to show up to the court. 

His team was going against Frankfurt on the same day, so although he was not in the lining up, he had to be there as a substitute player. 

But for his absence from the court, he was fined a total of £435 by the court. 

The court didn’t consider his game as he didn’t inform the court about it. 

So it is evident that he gets charged for wasting the court's time and people over there.

Ivan Is Not Fit For Premier League 

According to Chris Waddle, Ivan, who was the new signing for Tottenham Hotspur, seems unfit for the Premier League

The former Tottenham player said that the transfer of Ivan to the club was not a great move. 

He expressed that Ivan might be a good player, but he would not stand a chance in a physical league like Premier League

He doesn’t have that stamina and power. But as action speaks louder, Ivan is just doing fine. 

He is doing more than satisfactory as he has the best stats in the club.

Ivan Didn’t Want To Trouble His Father

Ivan, before playing football, used to help his father to run his farm. They were living happily until their farm started to run in the loss. 

Ivan couldn’t be an extra burden to his family and father, so he went to the French team Sochaux to play football. 

He went to ease their parents, but his decision made his future as he won every match with the club. 

He didn’t go to the club's main team, but with its junior team, he was killing it. 

After that, his transfers began, and his destiny and talent carried him to Premier League, playing for Tottenham Hotspur FC.

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