Who Is Timothy Christopher Mara? Father Of Kate Mara

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Who Is Timothy Christopher Mara? Father Of Kate Mara

Timothy Christopher Mara is the father of Kate Mara, who is a famous actress and film producer

He is married to Kathleen McNulty Rooney, who is a real estate agent by profession. The couple shares four children together. 

He is the Vice President of the NFL team and American Scout for the New York Giants Football team

Timothy Christopher Mara's daughter, Kate Mara.
Timothy Christopher Mara's daughter, Kate Mara. Source: Instagram

Is His Daughter Kate Married?

Kate is happily married to Jamie Bell. They exchanged their wedding vows in 2017 after dating for two years. 

They fell in love with each other while working together in a set of Fantastic Four.

They have a close friend circle, and they enjoy going on dinner dates, love going on hiking and watching tv, and just being around the house. 

The couple is blessed with a daughter. Kate is expecting her second child with Jamie. They are expanding their family. 

 Kate Mara with her partner, Jamie Bell.
 Kate Mara with her partner, Jamie Bell. Source: Instagram

Kate Was A Shy Girl

Kate gave an interview on Kelly Clarkson's show. In the interview, she talked about her childhood, working in commercials, and coming from an NFL family. 

At the beginning of the interview, Kate revealed that she was a very shy girl. She had a hard time expressing herself, and her wants, to people, even to her own mom. 

Her mom is really supportive, and when she was a child, her mom used to write notes writing I love you and keep it on her pillow. 

As she was a shy person, she thought expressing her feeling and wants through writing on notes might be a way of communicating, so she started doing that. 

She also remembered writing a note telling her mom that she needed an agent. She felt really fortunate that she was able to ask for an agent when she was nine years old

Kate then opened up about working on a Super Bowl commercial. It was her first job, so she was very excited, and she felt like she was shooting a movie. She still finds it exciting when she looks back. 

Kate also talked about her family and said that her dad owns the Giants, one of the NFL teams, so her family is crazy about football. 

She then got married to her husband, whose family owns Steelers, which made the football craze insane. 

Kate had also performed the National anthem during the opening of the NFL when she was young. 

She shared that her grandfather enjoyed her singing when she was young, and she would sing every time when her granddad asked her. 

She had no idea why she sang during the NFL, and when she looks back at the time, she gets amazed by the gut that she had when she was a child. She even wishes now to be brave and confident like when she was young.


His daughter, Kate, is 39 years old. She is 5 feet 2 inches tall. She weighs around 52 kg.

Net Worth

His daughter Kate's net worth is estimated to be $14 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as an actress. 

She has done more than 20 films and has appeared in many Tv shows. She is best known for playing the role of Zoe Barnes on House of Cards.

Kate's Husband Gave Up Red Meat For Her 

Kate is a vegan. Jamie is non-vegetarian. Kate is associated with campaigns related to vegan, where she talks about giving up meat once a week and not murdering an animal for once. 

When her husband heard about her speech, he realized that he was eating a lot of red meat. 

He said that he was going to give up red meat just for her. She said it was the most romantic thing someone has ever done for her. 

He gave up for more than two years.  After they got married, he ate a sandwich that had bacon on it. 

Kate noticed that, but she didn’t tell him anything. Jamie also didn’t realize he was eating meat. 

Later, when they were discussing romantic things, Jamie said that the most romantic thing he has ever done for her was gave up on red meat. 

It was so funny she told him that he just eat bacon yesterday and he was shocked as he didn’t realize he ate it. 

After they got married, Jamie was back to his normal life.

Kate Revealed Why She Broke Up With Her Previous Boyfriend?

Kate comes from a family of football. Her father's family owns New York Giants, and her mother's family owns Pittsburgh Steelers.

She said that it was intimating to bring her boyfriend to meet her parents. 

She shared a story about when she brought her ex-boyfriend to meet her parents. He came to her house after The Giants had won the Super bowl

The trophy had just arrived at her parent's house. Her mother was really excited about it. 

They also sent a white glove to put on their hands before holding the trophy. Her mother asked him if he wants to hold the trophy. 

As her former boyfriend was a very enthusiastic man, he put on the gloves and lifted the trophy, but he lifted it up from the base with was not attached to the upper part, which they didn’t know about. 

She said that she saw in slow motion that the trophy was falling as her ex-boyfriend was a good soccer player; he kicked the trophy with his foot and caught the trophy. 

His boot left a dent on a trophy. Her dad was watching everything from the kitchen. After that, it was over for them. 

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