Who Is Tina McKennie? Mother Of Weston McKennie

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Who Is Tina McKennie? Mother Of Weston McKennie

Tina McKennie is the mother of American football player Weston McKennie.

She was born in the year 1967 and has her birthday on October 14. She is currently living in Texas. She is an American citizen.

Marriage And Children

Tina is married to her husband, John Wesley McKennie, a former American serviceman. 

She and John have three children together, two sons, Weston and John and a daughter. As a mother, Tina has been very supportive of her children.

Tina McKennie sons.
Tina McKennie sons. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Tina is 55 years old. Her net worth is unknown. 

Her son Weston, the young 24 years old player, has a net worth of $3.1 Million

Tina McKennie's son, Weston McKennie.
Tina McKennie's son, Weston McKennie. Source: Instagram

Tina Wanted Her Sons To Get Along With The Culture

Tina and her husband lived in Germany because of her husband’s posting. 

Staying there, she wanted her sons to learn the country's language and the culture that people respect around the place. 

That is when her son Weston was introduced to football. Football was one of the most remarkable cultures in the town, so the young boy played all day with the senior boys, and to his luck, he was seen by a local team’s coach. 

The coach approached Tina to appoint the boy as one of the local team members, and that is when Weston’s journey in football started. 

Tina’s Son Weston Tried Not To Act Like A Fan Boy 

Weston became the first American player to play in the Italian club Juventus in football history. 

It was already a big deal for him to play as the first in history. But he was playing beside Cristiano Ronaldo, and he was a fanboy of the legendary player. 

He expressed that when he reached the club for his physicals, he saw Cristiano Ronaldo and was very nervous. 

He tried his best to act normal and not show up that he was a fanboy because he was going to play with his idol. 

He said he felt very honoured but nervous about sharing the stadium with Ronaldo

But his talent kept him in the team playing beside the best players as he was first loaned to the team but was later bought permanently by the club.

Weston As A Fan Of American Football

Weston grew up in Texas and grew up as a Texas boy. It was obvious to him to grow up under the influence of American football. 

He was a fan of American football, supporting the team Washington Redskins with his brother. 

They used to watch every match of the team they loved. Not only did he love watching American football, but he used to be a part of the American football team on some occasions as a halfback. 

He used to play soccer and football simultaneously, maintaining some gaps. But in the end, he chose the soccer path and went professionally on it.

Weston Rejected The Opportunity Of Scholarship

Weston was just 17 when he had three options in front of him. At the time, he was playing at FC Dallas, and the team wanted him to play for their senior side. 

It was a great opportunity as the club was one of the best in his city. 

But the University of Virginia also offered him to give a full scholarship for his education and other stuff. 

And he also had a chance to play for a European team Schalke FC.

His family insisted on taking the scholarship and building his future by saving money. 

But he wanted to play big. He had a chance to stay in Dallas and have a settled career. 

But instead, he chose to move to Europe. He knew that moving to a European team might or might not build his career, but he also knew it was the ones in a blue moon opportunity for him. 

So he declined other options and moved to Schalke FC, which later resulted in his successful career.

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