Who Is Tina Romanus? Ex-Wife Of Richard Romanus

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Who Is Tina Romanus? Ex-Wife Of Richard Romanus

Tina Romanus is the ex-wife of Richard Romanus, who is an American actor. Tina is also an actress who has done several hit movies.

Tina married her then-husband, Richard, on 20 May 20, 1967, and ended their marriage in 1980.

They have a son, Robert Romanus, an actor.

Tina Romanus's son.
Tina Romanus's son. Source: Pinterest

Richard Died At 80

Her ex-spouse, Richard, was a well-known actor famous for his roles in Mean Streets and The Sopranos. 

He passed away at the age of 80 in a hospital in Greece on December 23. The cause of death was not disclosed. 

Richard played a memorable role in Mean Streets, playing a brutal loan shark named Michael Longo

A famous bar scene in the movie involved a confrontation between Richard and Robert De Niro, with whom he shared the screen. 

He also appeared in three episodes of The Sopranos. He had a successful career in television with credits in shows like Charlie’s Angels, Mission Impossible, and The A-Team

His final role was in the 2003 movie The Young Black Stallion

Richard was survived by his son Robert, his wife, Anthea Sylbert, an Oscar-nominated costume designer, and Richard’s younger brother Robert Romanus.

Richard and Anthea co-wrote and produced two-lifetime movies. They don't have kids.

About Her Ex-Husband, Richard

Richard was born on February 8, 1943, in Barre, Vermont. He was a Lebanese AmericanRichard graduated from Xavier University with a degree in Philosophy in 1964

Richard is also a well-known producer, screenwriter, and actor. Richard married to Tina Bohlmann in 1967

They had a son named Robert. Unfortunately, they got divorced in 1980. 

In 1985 he married Anthea Sylbert. She is an Oscar-nominated Custom designer. They moved to a Greek Island in 2004

Richard shifted his focus to literature while releasing a novel named Chrysalis and memoirs titled Act III in 2011

Richard and Anthea worked together on two movies named Giving Up the Ghost in 1998 and If You Believe in 1999, which earned nominations for WGA.  

The couple moved to the Greek town of Skiathos over two decades ago and became honorary citizens in 2021

Richard Romanus with his wife.
Richard Romanus with his wife. Source: Pinterest


Her ex-husband Richard was born on February 8, 1943. He died at the age of 80.

Net Worth

As an American actor, Tina's ex-husband Richard's net worth is about $500 thousand.

Richard's Brother Robert Talked On Auditions For Actors

Robert is the brother of Richard. Robert talked about the importance of auditions for actors. 

He discussed that getting a job in show business is tough, and auditions are a crucial part of the process. 

During auditions, actors have to read lines from a script, take their time, and deal with the challenges of the audition room. 

Robert encourages actors to stay positive and see every audition as a chance to showcase their skills, even if they have only a few lines. 

He values that actors should give their best performance, but in the end, the audience’s reaction is beyond their control. 

So, actors should focus on doing their part well and let the rest unfold.

Tina Left A Remarkable Impression On Audiences

Tina is also well-known in the entertainment industry. She has made a significant impact in movies. 

She has done movies like Hey Good Lookin and Coldfire and was also part of the animated classic Wizards

Tina shows her talent on the big screen, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. 

She successfully lent her voice to a character in the animated film Wizards in 1977.

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