Who is Tolya Ashe? Husband Of Rachel Boston

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Who is Tolya Ashe? Husband Of Rachel Boston

Tolya Ashe is the husband of actress Rachel Boston. He is a chef by profession. He runs Little Gem NYC Catering and Events in New York

Tolya Ashe with his wife, Rachel Boston.
Tolya Ashe with his wife, Rachel Boston. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Tolya is happily married to Rachel. He met Rachel in 2010 when his now-wife was filming in Mexico. But that time, they didn't date.

After several years, they met again and began dating.

Tolya got engaged to his partner, Rachel, on June 16, 2021. Their exact wedding date is unknown.

Tolya and his spouse balance their personal and professional life well as they split their time between Tennessee and Los Angeles

They have a daughter together, Grace.

Tolya and Rachel on their wedding day.
Tolya and Rachel on their wedding day. Source: Pinterest


His wife, Rachel, is 41 years old

Net Worth

His wife, Rachel's net worth is estimated at $4 million

Tolya Ashe's wife and their daughter.
Tolya Ashe's wife and their daughter.

Rachel Talked About Spending Time On Set

Rachel is a five-time Hallmark Christmas movie star. 

Rachel said that what she admires about Hallmark movies is their family values. 

She shared that her family visited her when she was shooting Hallmark Christmas movies, and the memories she had during those times are the most cherished ones. 

She shared that her parents were featured in the background when she was shooting at the studio. 

Rachel Made A Friend During Quarantine

Rachel shared that they were quarantined for two weeks before they started shooting in Canada

She said she had a driveway in front of where she was staying, and she used to lap around that driveway. While circling the driveway, the bird started flying around her and landed on her hand. 

She did not know what the bird wanted from her, and the bird remained in her hand. 

When she stepped out the following day, the same bird came to her, landing on her arm. 

She said it was an incredible experience. She added the bird was like an angel. 

Rachel Is Very Close To Her Grandmother

Rachel loves her grandma. She even traveled with her 102-year-old grandma. Her grandma even appeared as a guest in one of her shows. 

Rachel said her grandma survived the 1980 Spanish flu, so she was all prepared for the 2020 pandemic. 

She shared that when the pandemic hit the world and everything was shut down, she called her grandmother, and her grandma advised her to keep coloring. 

She said it was the wisest advice she got from her grandma. 

She started an Instagram account called Coloring with Granny, and they used to do live coloring during quarantine. 

Her grandma was in Hawaii, and she was in California. She said many people joined them and colored with them. 

She shared she spent much time with her granny via Zoom calls and FaceTime. 

She said her grandma taught her to be calm and wise during that situation.

Boston's Ex-Boyfriend Broke Up With Her During A Dinner Date

In an interview, Rachel revealed that she broke up with her ex-boyfriend once she thought she was getting proposed by him. 

Her ex-boyfriend told her that she was not a marriage material. 

She shot the same situation in the movie called A Ring By Spring

After that, she decided to call her ex-boyfriend, and she invited him for dinner. 

They talked about what situation they were in during their relationship. 

She said it was a pleasant experience to see how both of them have grown as a person and gone in different directions. 

She said she reconnected with her ex-boyfriend as the movie scene and her character inspired her to do so.

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