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Tom Bessamra is the husband of late American actress and humanitarian Marcheline Bertrand

He was married to Marcheline for five years. Their married life ended after the death of Marcheline on January 27, 2007

He is an American citizen.

Tom Bessamra ex-wife late Marcheline Bertrand
Tom Bessamra ex-wife late Marcheline Bertrand  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Marcheline Bertrand

Marcheline was in a relationship with Jon Voight previously. He is an actor. They both dated back in 1970 and got married in 1971

After two years of marriage with Jon, she got pregnant with her first child. Before that, she also faced a miscarriage. 

Their younger daughter was born in 1975. They both were married for eight years, and after that, they divorced.

After her first divorce, she got into a relationship with Bill Day, a filmmaker. They both stayed as a couple for eleven years. 

They only dated and never got married to each other. After that, she dated John Trudell for a certain time. 

She then married Tom Bessamra. They got separated after five years because of her demise.

Marcheline with her daughter
Marcheline with her daughter  Source: Facebook 

About Marcheline Bertrand 

Marcheline was a late American actress and humanitarian born on January 27, 2007.

Her full name is Marcia Lynne 'Marcheline' Bertrand. She was born to her parents, Lois June Gouwens and Rolland F.Bertrand

She was one of the best actresses in her early days. She was well known for her role in The Man Who Loved Women

As an actress, she had shown her appearance in many movies. 

As of today, she is well known for being the mother of famous actress Angelina Jolie. She died battling ovarian cancer In 2007.

Marcheline ex-husband and children
Marcheline ex-husband and children  Source: Instagram


Marcheline was 56 years old at the time of her death.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Marcheline was $45 Million. Her source of income was acting

Marcheline Bertrand Had Cancer

Marcheline is one of the famous actress of her time. 

Although she did limited movies, she performed her best in all of those. 

Sadly, Marcheline suffered from breast cancer in 1999 at 48 years old. She dealt with cancer for more than eight years. 

At 56, the actress lost her life due to cancer. It's not just her, but her mother and sister also had cancer, and they too lost their lives. 

She spent her final breath in Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and was buried in the Bahamas.

Marcheline Became The Reason For Angelina Jolie's Dark Days

Marcheline herself was an actress, and she is also known by her actress daughter Angelina Jolie

Every one knows about Angelina's dark days. She had a rough life. She went through drug addictions. 

She tried hurting herself by cutting her hands and having a bad love life. 

She was falling from every part, and one of the reasons for it was her mother, Marcheline

Marcheline separated from her husband, and the court gave her responsibility of Angelina. Back then, Angelina was young and agile. 

Marcheline virtually abandoned her as a young child. 

Her parents did not raise her for almost two years, which brought her darkness and depression, due to which she performed such acts.

Angelina, in her photoshoot
Angelina, in her photoshoot  Source: Instagram 

Marcheline's Daughter Got Injured While Shooting

Angelina is well known for her bold acting and actions. In 2009, Jolie was doing a movie named Salt

She had to do some stunts in the movie, but she injured herself and started bleeding while doing the stunts. 

She was not majorly injured due to safety precautions taken, and she was immediately taken to the hospital and treated well. 

She then continued and executed her part perfectly.

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