Who Is Tom Wlaschiha's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth ?

by Pragya Fri Sep 16 2022 Updated On Sun May 05 2024
Who Is Tom Wlaschiha's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth ?

Tom Wlaschiha is a German actor. He is well known for his role play in the TV series Games of Thrones as Jaqen H'ghar. 

He was raised by his parents in Dohna, Germany. Talking about his siblings, He has a brother named Stefan.

Tom Wlaschiha with his mom and brother.
Tom Wlaschiha with his mom and brother. Source: Instagram

Who Is Tom Dating?

Tom is not dating anyone at the moment. He doesn't have a girlfriend. 

What Are Tom's Hobbies?

Tom's hobbies can be guessed by looking at his Instagram. It seems like he loves traveling to different places. 

He posted this picture of him enjoying Lago di Garda a month ago.

Tom Wlaschiha posing for a photo.
Tom Wlaschiha posing for a photo. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Tom is 49 years old. The net worth of Tom is $1.5 Million.

Is Tom Not Afraid Of Loosing GOT?

Tom and Maisie gave an interview where they talked about each other and their series, Game of Thrones. 

Tom revealed that he and Maisie became great friends after spending so much time shooting in the series. 

He expressed that they were not so close with each other at the beginning of the series. 

But eventually, they started feeling comfortable with each other and were close enough to help each other out in need. 

In the same interview, Tom also talked about his character. 

As he played a faceless man in the Game of Thrones series, he doesn’t know if he would play a role in every season. 

Still, he is not afraid that he might get removed from the series. 

He believes that his role will survive only if the story needs him, and he is happy to leave if his character is no more needed.

Light Year Made Tom Think About Some Questions

Tom watched the movie Light Year in the hall, and after watching the movie, he gave some of his perspectives about the movie. 

He expressed that he really loved the technicality of the movie. He was pleased with the movie's technical stuff. 

Not only that, but the philosophical part of the movie was also brilliant, according to the actor. 

Tom revealed that the movie also had some philosophical parts that raised many questions in people’s minds. 

He was also left to think about some questions after the movie was over. He described the movie as a wholesome movie.

Does Tom Have His Own Way Of Dubbing?

Tom has done voice-overs for many characters in animated movies and series, and Light Year is one of them. 

In an interview, he revealed that dubbing or doing voice-over was a kind of art. 

It is not something that is done just by speaking into the microphone. 

He expressed that everyone has to have their own perspective and presentation of the character. 

People have to find a way to bring life to the character by giving their voice, and he did the same in the movie. 

He found his own way to present the character and act through his voice which brought a different kind of life to the character.

Tom Didn’t Know About The Game Of Thrones? 

Tom had an agent in America when the GOT was about to shoot season 2.

He was said to send self-taped acting for his role in the series and did as he was told to. 

He was selected for the series after his audition, and the journey began since. 

But it might surprise many that he didn’t know about Game of Thrones before he got cast in the series' second season. 

When he was offered the job, season 1 was not released. 

It was on air then, and he knew that the series was about a fictional story of America with dragons and other stuff. 

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