Who Is Tomas Barrera? Father Of Melissa Barrera

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Tomas Barrera is the father of Melissa Barrera, a Mexican actressTomas is married to Rossana Martines.

Tomas Barrera's wife and their daughter.
Tomas Barrera's wife and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Daughter's Married Life

His daughter, Melissa, got married to musician Xavier Zazueta in 2019

Xavier is known for songs like Guarda Todo En Un Cajón and Lamentablemente

They met on a Mexican reality show called La Academia in 2011

Melissa faced challenges during the reality show, dealing with criticism about herself. 

She credits Xavier for helping her through tough times. 

After the show, Xavier’s music career took off, and in January 2023, he signed with Universal Music Latin Entertainment

Melissa expressed pride and support for her husband’s achievements on Instagram, sharing pictures of him signing a contract. 

The couple seems to support each other’s careers, making them a happy match. 

They don’t have any kids right now. 

Melissa Barrera with her husband.
Melissa Barrera with her husband. Source: Instagram

Tomas's Daughter Melissa Is Proud Of Her Mexican Nationality

Melissa was born on July 4, 1990. She was born to Tomas and Rossana Martines

Melissa has gained fame in Mexico for her roles in telenovelas like Siempre tuya Acapulco and Tanto Amor, as well as in the Netflix series Club de Cuervos

Internationally, she became well known for her lead roles in the Starz series Vida, In The Heights, and the Netflix series Keep Breathing

She became famous for the film Scream. 

Melissa is proud of her Mexican nationality, and her achievements in the entertainment industry have brought attention to both her and her country. 

Tomas Barrera's daughter, Melissa Barrera.
Tomas Barrera's daughter, Melissa Barrera. Source: Instagram


Tomas's age is not public yet. But his daughter is 33 years old.

Net Worth

Tomas' daughter Melissa's net worth is about $7 million

Melissa Got Fired From Scream 7

Melissa was fired from Scream 7 due to concerns about her social media posts on the Israel-Hamas conflict. 

The company in charge of the movie Spyglass said they do not accept antisemitism or hate speech. 

They have a strict policy against it. Melissa said she strongly opposes antisemitism, showing her commitment to raising awareness on important issues using her influence.

She stressed that everyone deserves equal rights no matter where they come from or who they are. 

Melissa's post on Instagram, where she talked about looking into information about the Palestinian side of the Israel-Hamas conflict, was seen as antisemitic by people inside Spyglass. 

Her co-star Jenna Ortega left the movie because of scheduling problems. 

Melissa played Sam Carpenter in the last two Scream movies, but now she won’t be in Scream 7

Melissa's Obsession With Horror Movies As A Teenager

In an interview, Melissa talked about her movie Scream VI, which released on March 10th, 2023

She shared her experiences from her first time on the talk show to discuss her family’s implementation in the movie's mystery. 

Melissa mentioned a scary scene on the New York City subway and how exciting it was to film there. 

She reflects on her overall experience and recalls the first Scream movie that scared her. 

Melissa also discussed her love for horror movies, naming The Shining her favorite. 

She talked about her work on Scream VI, revealing that despite not watching the first Scream as a six-year-old, she became obsessed with horror movies as a teenager. 

Melissa remembers getting scared during a scene in Alien and gives advice humorously, noting that the worst thing is being repeatedly stabbed in the back by a knife-wielding alien. 

She ends up talking about her plans for the future. 

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