Who is Tomeka Thiam? Gorgeous Wife Of Akon

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Who is Tomeka Thiam? Gorgeous Wife Of Akon

Tomeka Thiam is married to a famous singer, Akon. Akon is his stage name. His full name is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam.

Tomeka is a hairstylist and salon owner. She has been doing Salon since 2012 in Atlanta. Her salon's name is Salon A La Saison.  

She opened it by casting a call for an unpaid model for an avant-garde photoshoot in 2012 on her Facebook profile. 

Tomeka And Akon's Relationship

They both have been married for a long time. They have known each other for over two decades and were dating for several years before marriage. 

The duo has five children together, three boys and two girls. The names of the two girls are Alioune Thiam and Alliana Thiam

But Akon has six children together with three women.

Tomeka Thiam with her husband, Akon.
Tomeka Thiam with her husband, Akon. Source: Pinterest

Akon Is A Polygamist, And Tomeka Is Okay With It

Akon is a polygamist; rumors are he has 3 or 4 wives. But his well-known wife is Tomeka Thiam

It seems like Tomeka doesn’t have a problem with Akon being a polygamist. 

Once in an interview, Akon said he could afford to have as many wives as he wanted. 

And also said men are natural breeders, and adopting the polygamy culture will reduce domestic violence in America. 

His wives are Tomeka Thiam, Tricia Ana, Rachel Ritfield, Rozina Negusei, and other unidentified. 

But it is unknown that he is legally married to all the women because Akon hasn’t shared information about it and kept it private.

Akon has said multiple times that men's jobs are to work and make money for their families and raise their children properly because huge responsibility kicks in when children reach a certain age, 

Reason Behind Marrying Multiple Women 

Akon is a well-known singer. Besides his singing talent, he has always been a hot topic for discussion, all because of his polygamy thing. 

He has been married to multiple women, and he finds it completely normal and has freely spoken about it. 

However, with all the things he talked about, his upbringing is the first reason to marry multiple women. 

In one of the interviews, he said that his father was married to five women and shared 19 children

His mom was chosen by his dad when she was just 13 years old. The thing was, his dad’s dad and his mom’s dad was good friend, and they decided on his mother and father’s relationship. 

So after his mom was chosen, his dad protected her and got married when she was 17 years old

His dad is from Senegal, and he claimed that marrying multiple women is their culture. 

He has married five women himself, and it is also said that he has other women that he has been dating besides his wives. 

In a 2006 interview, he admitted him being a polygamist, which dragged him into a lot of controversy, and because of that, he stopped talking about it for a few years. 

He stated that because of his statement, other people who were involved in any of his matters had been affected. 

However, in a 2013 interview, he told the truth behind his polygamy. 

He said that one woman could never satisfy all the needs of a man, and the same things apply to the woman. 

He stated males as natural breeders and monogamy is freakish. 


Tomeka was born in 1975 and had two siblings: a brother and a sister. She is in her late 40s as of 2023.

Net Worth 

Tomeka's net worth is about $200k. And her famous singer-husband's net worth is about $60 Million. 

Tomeka Met Akon When She Was 18 

In 2018, she allowed her followers to ask her questions on Instagram. Tomeka is younger than Akon. 

Tomeka met Akon through her brother at their friend’s apartment in Georgia. At that time, Akon was 20, and Tomeka was 18. 

Akon kept staring at Tomeka, and their eyes met, and he felt something sparking. 

After that, they dated and got married. They had their first child, Ali, on May 27, 1996.

Tomeka gives Akon freedom. She says Akon knows his way back home, loves his family, and always puts them first.  

Tomeka Thiam's husband and children.
Tomeka Thiam's husband and children. Source: Instagram

Tomeka Children's Achievements 

Tomeka and Akon's children have their achievements. Their eldest son makes music and performs under the name Ali Ozbrn

He gigs at OUR BAR ATL. He also produced DopeGirl Zane’s album. He also featured his dad in his “Get Money” track in 2019. 

Tomeka's younger son also makes music and goes under Mo Thiam

He named his album after his hometown, “Atlanta '' and released it in October 2022. 

Tomeka's other son, Jahvor, also performed in front of a crowd in November 2023 while touring with his dad in Sydney, Australia.  

And Tomeka shared a video of her son performing on stage. But her daughters are not in the music industry. 

Her eldest daughter graduated in 2021, and her youngest daughter graduated from elementary school in 2019.

Tomeka seems like a proud mother, often sharing her children's achievements on Instagram.

Tomeka Thiam with her daughters.
Tomeka Thiam with her daughters. Source: Instagram

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