Who Is Tommy Wallen? Father Of Morgan Wallen

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Who Is Tommy Wallen? Father Of Morgan Wallen

Tommy Wallen is the father of country singer and songwriter Morgan Wallen. He is married to Leslie Wallen, who is a teacher. They have three kids together and adopted one child. 

He served as a pastor. Morgan's parents helped him gain an interest in music by introducing him to piano and guitar at a very young age.

Tommy Wallen with his wife and their son.
Tommy Wallen with his wife and their son. Source: Facebook

Is Morgan Married?

Morgan is not married yet but is reportedly in a relationship with Megan Moroney

Morgan has a son from his ex-girlfriend, Katie Smith. Morgan is a very devoted father. 

He said fatherhood changed him as a person, as his son has given him a new perspective of life. 

He said he wanted to set a good example in front of his kids as a father figure.

Morgan Wallen with his son.
Morgan Wallen with his son. Source: Instagram

Morgan Shaved His Mullet

Morgan has wholly shaved off his signature mullet. He is now bald. 

On August 11, he performed in Ohio, and his new look shocked everyone. His bald look made headlines and was a topic of conversation. 

He told the reason why he shaved his head. He said he no longer liked his mullet, so he shaved it. 

Morgan's dad had a mullet, and he loved it, so he also kept a mullet like his father. 


His son Morgan is 30 years old

Net Worth

His son's net worth is estimated to be $12 million. He has earned this fortune from his career as a singer and songwriter

Morgan Spoke About Using A Racial Slur In A Leaked Video

In 2021, a video went viral where it was seen that Morgan used a racial slur outside his home in Nashville

After an hour, the video went viral, and he was suspended from his label. The streaming platforms and radios also stopped playing his songs after that. 

He was also declared ineligible for Academy of Country Music awards. He apologized for his mistake through a video a few weeks later. 

He said he realized it was a big deal when his manager called him and asked him if he was sitting down. He said no one has ever asked about it on call. 

He went to his friend's house just out of nowhere and thought about what he was supposed to do in that situation. 

He said he was partying out with his long friend for two or three days doing dumb stuff. 

He said people would call him ignorant, but he did it playfully. 

He said he didn’t use that word frequently but used it sometimes inside his close circle of friends. 

He said he was drunk at that time and asked his best friend's girlfriend to take care of his friend. 

He added he didn’t use that word to belittle anyone. He admitted it was the wrong thing to do. 

Hardy And His Wife Got Teary Eyes When Morgan Won ACMs

Morgan won Album of the Year at the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards

Morgan and Michael Wilson are best friends. In an interview, Hardy admitted that he and his wife cried more when Morgan won the award. 

He said he was more emotional for his win than his own. He said he had worked hard for it, and the award meant a lot for him.

He said he truly deserved that award and was proud to witness that.

A Dog Bit Morgan's Son

A family pet bit Morgan's son Indigo. Indigo mother gave an update about Indigo through a video. 

She said the injury was not serious. He had some stitches and would be fine soon. Indigo was hospitalized after a dog bit him. 

Her mother's dog bit Indigo, but his father didn’t publicly respond to that incident. 

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