Who Is Tony Dalton's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

by Pragya Sat Jul 16 2022 Updated On Mon Dec 19 2022
Who Is Tony Dalton's Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Tony Dalton is a Mexican American actor, director, producer and screenwriter. He is best known for his works in Better Call Saul, Sr. Avila and Colombiana. 

His parents are Lewis Dalton and Adeline Lee Dalton. Tony was born in Texas, America

He is an American citizen.

Tony Dalton's mother
Tony Dalton's mother. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Tony

Tony does not have a girlfriend as of now. 

His most famous relationship was with his ex-girlfriend Ana de la Reguera, an actress.

Tony Dalton with Award
Tony Dalton with Award. Source: Instagram

Tony Is A Womanizer

Ana and Tony set their way apart because of work. This is what the ex-couple told about their break-up. 

But the story seemed different as Ana's friend told the media something different. 

Ana's friend revealed that Tony was a womanizer. 

He used to be with many other women even though he was in a relationship with Ana. 

She even revealed that Ana was willing to marry the actor, but Tony refused. 


Tony is 47 years old. His height is 1.83 meters.

Net Worth

The net worth of Tony is $4 Million. He earns as being an actor, producer and screenwriter.

Tony Stayed Quite In An Interview

Tony gave an interview to the "Screen Rant Plus" in 2021 for the promotion of his new project of MCU production named Hawkeye.

He was one of the few people who knew all the story of this new production. 

He has been a part of almost all the scenes and shooting, and he knows what is coming among marvel fans. 

So as the interviewer said, it was most difficult for him to give an interview and not give out any spoilers to the marvel fans. 

But he expressed that he would stay quiet in all the interview sessions and not say anything related to the movie's story and script. 

Tony Is Thankful To Work With MCU?

It is a big opportunity for any actor to work with MCU production, and Tony feels lucky to be part of such a big production.

But rather than that, he was even more thankful for working in an amazing action sequel just after the lock-down.

He was feeling trapped inside his house due to the COVID pandemic going around the world. 

But just after the lock-down, he got a chance to work on the project of Hawkeye, which refreshed him again. 

The movie's amazing back-to-back acting and action made him feel alive again. 

Hence he thanked Marvel for the project in an interview.

Tony Became A Charming Villain 

Tony played the role of a villain in the series Better Call Saul. 

Fans from overall the world enjoyed the series, and his character was many people's favorite. 

Despite portraying a negative character, Tony enjoyed playing the role. 

He revealed in an interview that, unlike other villain roles, which are too serious, negative, and autocratic, his role was different. 

He revealed that although he played the bad character, the character was built in such a way that it ended up being a charming guy. 

His character was someone with a positive attitude and beautiful nature, which was different from other bad characters. 

Tony's Favorite Scenes Brought Twists

Tony has played every season of the series Better Call Saul. 

When asked about his favorite scenes from his entire journey of the series, he remembered a scene in the second last season of the series with his co-star Bob Ray.

It was the scene in Bob's on-screen apartment where the story about money was shown and discussed. 

He considered those scenes the most loved ones because of their outcome. 

Although the scene was not so vast and message-driven, the overall change in the series scenario and the twist it brought to the series made Tony feel amazed and joyful. 

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