Who Is Tony Gentry? Father Of Antonia Gentry

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Who Is Tony Gentry? Father Of Antonia Gentry

Tony Gentry is the father of American actress Antonia Gentry. He’s married to his wife, Sandra Gentry.

He belongs to the white ethnicity. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Tony Gentry's wife Sandra Gentry.
Tony Gentry's wife, Sandra Gentry. Source: BHW

About Tony's Daughter Antonia

Antonia is an American actress. She is known for playing Virginia Ginny Miller in the Netflix series Ginny and Georgia

She was born to her parents in 1997. She has her birthday on September 25th. She belongs to the Jamaican-American ethnicity.

Is Antonia Married? 

Antonia is not married yet, but she is currently in a relationship. 

Antonia is dating her boyfriend, Michael Debi. She has shared pictures with her boyfriend on her Instagram.

Antonia Gentry with her boyfriend.
Antonia Gentry with her boyfriend. Source: Instagram

Before Michael, Antonia was dating Ezra Pounds. She and Ezra started dating in 2012, and at that time, they were just in high school. 

The first photo they shared publicly was on the 2019 Valentine's Day. They dated for many years but ended up getting separated. 

Age And Net worth 

His daughter Antonia is 25 years old. She has a net worth of $1 Million.

Antonia in her white dress - Instagram 

Antonia Was So Heartfelt

Antonia and her co-star Brianne Howey did a movie named Ginny and Georgia, which was a great hit worldwide. 

Antonia then shared her time in Paris when she realized that she had a significant effect on the heart of people after doing the movie. 

She shared that when she came out of the hotel, there were a bunch of people, her fans, cheering her and being eager to meet her. 

So, she went and met them all. She felt happy. One of the fans was speaking another language, and she didn’t know English.

So, to comfort the fan, Antonia just hugged her. Then, the same fan gave her a letter, which she returned to the hotel and read. 

It was so lovely and sweet, which made Antonia emotional. 

Antonia Thought Of Not Playing In Ginny and Georgia

Antonia revealed in her interview that she was offered “Ginny and Georgia” just before graduation. 

She was on the verge of her exam and thought that she would fail in her exams. 

She thought she would not do any movies or series and focus on her graduation instead. 

But after reading the script, she linked with the character she was offered. She came to realize that she really should give it a try. 

She then accepted the offer. Her decision was very fruitful as the series was a super hit, and she graduated with excellent results. 

She was flying around the world just after her graduation.

Antonia And Brianne Go Along Quite Well

Antonia and Brianne played the mother and daughter role in the series named “Ginny and Georgia.” 

Their chemistry was seen in the series, and during the interview, it was seen that their chemistry off the camera was also enjoyable and loving. 

Brianne always inspires Antonia, giving her words of wisdom and many suggestions.

On the other hand, Antonia is someone that always makes Brianne laugh. They get along so well, so they look great together on camera. 

Brianne also revealed that Antonia was brilliant, like her character. 

They also revealed that they were always together in the set while coming and leaving the set.

Antonia Is Mistaken For Her Age

Antonia played the role of Georgia in one of the series where she played the role of a teenage girl of 15 years old. 

She said that she was mistaken for her age quite a lot. She is guessed to be underage by many. 

Even in the airport, she was asked if she was a minor and was asked about her guardians. 

Not just her age, but many people get confused about her name. But the only name she prefers from all her false names is people calling her Tony. So she loves to be called Tony as her nickname.

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