Tony Zumbado - Who Is Carmela Zumbado Father?

by Manisha Sat Mar 04 2023 Updated On Thu Mar 07 2024
Tony Zumbado - Who Is Carmela Zumbado Father?

Tony Zumbado is the father of actress and model Carmela Zumbado. Tony is originally from Cuba

He immigrated to America in 1960. He is a photojournalist by profession. 

He is married to Lilliam Zumbado. The couple shares three daughters. His other two daughters, Marisela and Gigi, are also actors.

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Is Carmela married?

Carmela is not married yet. However, she was romantically linked to her 'You' co-star James Scully in 2019

They became friends while shooting and shared a good bond with each other off-screen. 

The rumor of them dating began after James teased Carmela when she posted a picture of them in 2019, captioning it work friends, to which James commented why they were not soulmates. 

Carmela later confirmed that she was not dating James and that they were just good friends of each other. 

Tony Zumbado's daughter, Carmela Zumbado.
Tony Zumbado's daughter, Carmela Zumbado. Source: Instagram

Age, Height, and Weight

His daughter, Carmela, is 32 years old. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She weighs around 55 kg.

Net worth

His daughter Carmela's net worth is estimated to be $350,000. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as an actress.

How did Carmela end up being an actor?

Carmela has two sisters who are also actors. She said that they always love performing in front of their family and relatives. 

She shared that they used to make a stage in their living room and make people laugh and cry. 

She said they started doing these things when they were two or three years old. 

Growing up with sisters sharing the same interests influenced her to pursue acting as her career. 

She even thought she should have gone into science or something, but it was just engraved within the three sisters, and they were lucky to have made a career out of it. 

Carmela on working on the Netflix series 'You'

Carmela got the limelight after she starred in the Netflix thriller series 'You'. She played the role of Delilah Alves in season two of the series. 

The show aired in 2018. She said the way that Netflix markets its shows is very cool. 

They will just drop a couple of interesting teasers and stuff, and it is really calm before, and then things will just pop off when the shows come out.

She also talked about the writers of the shows and praised them by saying how amazing they are and how they make the shows so explosive. 

She added that once you start watching the show, it captivates the audience till the end. 

People have even watched ten episodes within two days and the credit goes to the writers for the explosive nature of the show. 

She also said that it was a huge honor for her to work with Netflix, and it is the craziest little family to be a part of, and she hopes she will be part of another show as well. 

Carmela shared her experience of working in an action-horror movie

Carmela shared that she always wanted to do an action film. She got a chance to work on this type of genre movie with a mix of horror and zombies. 

She said that for that movie, it required a great amount of physical strength and stamina. 

She said that after doing that movie, she wanted to do a comedy movie or light-hearted movie. 

She said she would love to experiment with all kinds of genres in movies.

'The Wall of Mexico' was her first biggest project

Though the movie was aired in 2020, Carmela shot for the movie two years before she shot for 'You.' 

Her movie was delayed due to some reasons but it was her first ever biggest project. 

She said that the movie was shot in Mexico even though the movie was set in Southern California.

She added that there were half-Mexican and half-American crew members, so it was very interesting to see people from two countries working together to create that movie. 

She said that after so much delays, she was happy that the movie was finally out in the theatre. 

She added she learned a lot from her co-star.

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