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Tose Page is the older brother of English actor Rege-Jean Page. His father was a preacher, and his mother was a nurse. 

Toss himself is the founder of a band which he created with his brother. 

Tose Page’s brother Rege
Tose Page’s brother Rege  Source: Instagram

He has two sisters and a younger brother. He is an English citizen by his nationality. 

Relationship Status of Brother Rege Jean Page

Rege is currently dating Emily Brown. Emily is a freelance copywriter and part-time soccer player

They haven’t opened up about how they met and when did they exactly start dating each other.

Back in 2020, they both owned a house together, and as they were spotted hanging out together in many places, everyone knew about them dating.

They have maintained their personal life private, and currently, they don’t want to reveal their relationship publicly. 

But they both are happy together and enjoying their love life.

Rege’s girlfriend
Rege’s girlfriend  Source: Instagram 

About Rege Jean Page

Rege Jean is an English actor born in 1990. His parents raised him with his two sisters and a brother in Harare, Zimbabwe

He started his acting career when he was too young. In 2015 he showed his appearance in drama series named Waterloo Road

He is well known for his lead role play in the Netflix series Bridgerton

He had shown his appearance in many other series such as For the People, The Sage of an American Family, and many more. 

As of 2021, he is busy with his fantasy adventure new movie, Dungeons & Dragons

He has earned success and fame through his acting skills.

Rege Jean Always Wanted To Be An Actor

Rege Jean is a brilliant actor and is loved by his fans and followers. 

It is the result of his dedication, as he always was dedicated to being an actor. 

He was attracted to acting from childhood, but his dedication began to act as he joined National Youth Theatre.

There he was surrounded by lots of dedicated actors and actresses. Being inspired by them, his interest in acting became a passion.

He later joined one of the best acting Universities named Drama Centre London after auditioning for two years. 

He is one of the refined actors in current days. Seeing his popularity nowadays, it is clear that he has achieved his dreams.

Rege Jean got abused by fans? 

Rege Jean Page gave an interview to the Jimmy Fallon’s late night show where he talked about fans abuse, his new movie and his very first time experience in Hall H. It was his first time in Jimmy’s talk show but sometimes back he and Jimmy had virtual talks. He felt happy to be physically in the talk show because last time when they talked, Rege got brutally abused by his fans. He was in giving interview from his living room and fans saw his cushion. After that they trolled him from having a dirty couch with ramen spilled on it. People knew that he didn’t have British royalty in his home and made fun of him. He was joking about it and said that he is poor LA actor with a dirty couch. After that Rege shared his experience in Hall H. His show Dungeons and Dragons’s trailer was a massive hit and he got to premier it in Hall H comic con. He was so terrified and needed some suggestion. He asked for some tips to survive from Chris Evans and Ana de Arms who have already been there but they told him nothing. They just gave him a shocking reaction but told nothing. But he a great experience over there and felt great. Rege also revealed about his appearance in Harry Potter. Many people might not know that Rege has role played as a background actor in Harry Potter. He told that he enjoyed being the background artist and shared the best things that he got to do being a background actor. According to Rege, people don’t pay attention in background actor so background actor can work as detective as they can spy over directors and know how they deal and work with actor. As a background actor he also knew where Emma Watson hides her phone during the scenes.

Age, Height, And Weight 

The age of Tose is unknown to date. He is of good height man with average weight.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Rege Jean is $1.5 Million. His source of income is an actor. 

The average income of actors is estimated to be $40,860

Rege Jean Is A Singer Too

People have seen Rege Jean showing his outstanding roles in movies, but little do people know, Jean is good at singing too. 

He sings like an angel. Rege Jean may not be a professional singer, but he is not less than them.

Rege was found singing in a Twitter post. He was singing in the Greek language, and people loved his song.

Rege Jean Is Suffering From Addiction

In the entertainment industry, many stars end up in addiction to harmful substances or drugs. 

They are talented but they ruin their career due to their addiction habit. 

But in the case of Jean, he is addicted to coffee. He, in his maximum spare time, is seen having coffee. 

Even if he is doing some stuff, he always needs a cup of coffee with him. 

He says that it helps him a lot in his work which shows his addiction to coffee.

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