Tracey Sexton -Tragedy Of Ron Sexton Wife

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Tracey Sexton -Tragedy Of Ron Sexton Wife

Tracey Sexton is the wife of the late American radio personality and comedian Ron Sexton.

She was born in the year 1973 and is currently 50 years old. She is living in Dunedin, Florida. 

She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Tracey Sexton with her late husband Ron Sexton.
Tracey Sexton with her late husband Ron Sexton. Source: Facebook

Marriage And Children

Tracey was married to her former husband, Ron. She had known Ron since high school, and they started dating in 1988.

Tracey tied the knot with her high school boyfriend six years after dating in 1994.

 Wedding photo of Tracey Sexton and Ron Sexton.
Wedding photo of Tracey Sexton and Ron Sexton. Source: Facebook

They shared five children: Eric, Abigail, Alex, Aliah, and Ila.

Tracy often shared about her love life through her social media. They were together for over three decades until Ron's death in 2023.

Family of Tracey Sexton.
Family of Tracey Sexton. Source: Facebook

Tracey's Made Plans For Funeral

Tracey lost her husband, Ron, on July 2023. Her husband was on tour with his stand-up comedy show when he died.

His family made his death news public through Facebook and requested for privacy. 

Tracey was heartbroken by her husband's death, and for the funeral, she decided to have a very private funeral. 

As a wife, she knew Ron more than anyone would and opened up that her husband never liked the spotlight despite being a prominent TV personality, so she planned to have a private funeral for the late Ron. 

About Tracy's Husband Ron 

Ron was a professional comedian and radio personality. 

He was known for his Television appearance as Donnie Baker in the Bob and Tom Show.

He was born to his parents in the year 1970. He died on July 21, 2023, while he was on tour with his stand-up comedy show. 

It is said that reason behind his death was a heart attack. 

Tracey Sexton with her husband and children.
Tracey Sexton with her husband and children. Source: Facebook

Age And Net Worth

Her husband Ron was 52 years old. He had a net worth of $2 Million. 

Ron Was About To Die In 2022

Back in December 2022, Ron was shot by a gun. What happened was Ron was returning after his show in Portland. 

He was driving through the Indianapolis northeast side and was on the way to meet Paul Berkemier's wife. 

He was having extramarital affairs with Paul's wife, so he was on the way to meet her but out of nowhere he got stopped by another car. 

He saw Paul in the car, and in no time, Paul started shooting at his car. 

His car had nine bullet holes. However, he wasn't injured. 

Later Paul's wife admitted that it was Paul who shot at Ron. She claimed that Paul knew about her affair with Ron, so he was pissed, and because of that, Paul went to kill Ron.

Ron Is A Multi-Talented Person

Ron was the starring host and internet sensation in the Bob and Tom Show.

He played multiple character roles in the show and did many comedy parts with his style of jokes. 

He had a different style of presenting sarcasm and comedy that made people laugh. 

He acted as a character and cracked old-school jokes based on his character's personality. 

He used a lot of green screens to shoot his show to get the background necessary for him to act. 

People praised his talent and fabulous performance. Being the show's star, he didn't have any proud nature either.

He always treated his crew and cameraman with tremendous respect. Apart from being an excellent performer, he was also an human being.

Donnie Was Inspired By Many

Ron's one of the best characters to date is Donnie, and Ron described that this character was developed because of the people around him. 

When he went to school, he was familiar with a guy in the hood who wore a jeans jacket, and he was scared of him. 

He said that he mixed that character with other people's real feelings that he knew, and he formed Donnie.

After playing the character, he realized the feeling of the guy in the hood and expressed that he was as scared as he was in those days. 

Ron got to feel others feeling after he got himself into their character.

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