Travis Bacon

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Travis Bacon

Travis Bacon is the son of American actor Kevin Bacon. Travis himself is an actor and musician by profession. 

His mother name is Kyra Sedgwick. He has a sister named Sosie Bacon. He was born on June 23, 1989. He is an American citizen.

Travis Bacon's parents Kyra Sedgwick and Sosie Bacon
Travis Bacon's parents Kyra Sedgwick and Sosie Bacon Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Travis's Dad Kevin

Kevin is currently married to Kyra Sedgwick. The couple happily tied the knot in the year 1988

He has two children with Kyra, a son and a daughter. 

Their first son Kevin was born just a year after their marriage, and their daughter was born in 1992

Before getting married to his wife Kyra, he was in a relationship with Tracy Pollan in the 1980s

How Did Kevin Meet His Wife Kyra Sedgwick?

Kevin met the love of his life on the set of a movie. 

They co-starred in that movie, which allowed them to know more about each other. 

After that, they worked together in some other movies too. They started dating and fell in love. 

Travis Bacon with his mother Kyra Sedgwick
Travis Bacon with his mother Kyra Sedgwick Source: Instagram 

About Travis Bacon 

Travis is an American actor and musician born on June 23, 1989

He belongs to an acting family, and he pursued an acting career. 

He started his acting career as a child actor by playing in the movie Loverboy.

As a musician, he is a band member of the band Idiot Box. He is well known for being the son of Kevin Bacon

Kevin is a famous actor, and as Travis is the son of Kevin, he started gaining the attention of people.

Travis with candle
Travis with candle Source: Instagram 


Kevin is 32 years old. He has a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Travis is $2 Million. He accumulates his income from acting and music.

Travis Bacon's Father's Career Was Not Good

Travis's father, Kevin, is a popular actor. He is liked by many, and everyone appreciates his brilliancy in acting. 

Playing in a lot of dramas and movies, he is counted as a successful actor. But things were not always the same for him. 

After his hit movie Footloose, he career was falling. 

He was getting some roles, but he was not doing well in the industry until he ended up in the movie JFK

It was a breakthrough for the actor as he was well appreciated for it and started getting big projects.

Travis with his sister
Travis with his sister  Source: Instagram 

Kevin Bacon Faced Anxiety

Kevin was 30 years old when he fell into anxiety for the first time. It is not an pleasant experience for anyone to fall into. 

Hence it was a bad year for the actor. He had a panic attack in the middle of the street for the first time. 

It was in front of his wife, who was pregnant. He was going through a lot that year as his career was not going well, and his mother had cancer. 

He later found his therapy, and it was music. With his friend and brother, he formed a band. 

They wrote songs and sang them, which slowly helped the actor get out of the anxiety. Music healed his fear, and he was normal again.

Kevin Broke His Head

Kevin was sitting in his bed back in 2014 when he mistakenly took the dog tranquiliser. 

He was out of consciousness for a while and suddenly fell out of his bed. 

After some time, when he came into consciousness, he couldn't remember how he got there. 

He rushed into his bathroom, and when he touched behind his head, he was bleeding. He was then rushed to the hospital. 

He was hospitalized for a while until he was good to go.

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