Trent Sweeney- Is Sydney Sweeney Brother Dating?

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Trent Sweeney- Is Sydney Sweeney Brother Dating?

Trent Sweeney is the younger brother of American actress Sydney Sweeney. Trent himself is an actor.

He was born to his parents, Scott and Lisa Mudd Sweeney. He was born in Spokane, Washington

Trent is an American and serves in the Airforce Army of the United States

Family of Trent Sweeney
Family of Trent Sweeney Source: Instagram 

Trent's sister Sydney Sweeney's Relationship Status

Sydney is not married yet. She is very private about her personal life. 

However, it is rumored that the young actress is currently in a relationship with Jonathan Davino, a restaurant owner

They have been having an affair since 2018 and have been spotted at many places together. 

They have already completed three years of togetherness. 

Trent Sweeney's sister Sydney Sweeney
Trent Sweeney's sister Sydney Sweeney. Source: Instagram

How Did Sydney Meet Jonathan?

Sydney has remained silent about her dating life. 

She hasn't shared anything about her relationship on social media, nor has she posted any pictures with her boyfriend. 

So it is unknown how and when she met him and how everything started between them. But the couple seems committed to each other.

About Sydney Sweeney 

Sydney is an American actress born on September 12, 1997. Her full name is Sydney Bernice Sweeney

She was born to her mother, Lisa Scott, and her father, Scott. She is well known for her appearance in the Netflix series Everything Sucks

Besides that, she has shown her appearance in many other series like The Handmaid's Tale and Sharp Objects

She is a beautiful and talented actress who is gaining much attention.

Trent Sweeney with his sister Sydney Sweeney
Trent Sweeney with his sister Sydney Sweeney Source: Instagram 

Vomited On The First Day Of School

Sydney gave an interview to Teen Vogue in which she talked about everything that was her first time.

The very first thing that she talked about was seeing herself in a meme, and she told that she saw herself in White Lotus

She and her co-star Brittany were sitting next to each other in the pool with the books and it was the first time her meme was made. 

Then she opened up about her first friend that she made on the set of her recent show Euphoria

Her first friend on that show was Maude and she got along with her since their first episode she told that they are one another's cheerleaders. 

She told that girls should always be kind and supportive to other girls. She thinks that girl should cheer another's victory and her friend Maude is very supportive of her and she feels amazing about that.

She then talked about her first day of high school. While talking about that, she revealed that she had social anxiety while in her school and was very nervous that day. 

Her anxiety made her vomit in her bag in which she had her gym clothes. 

She was there with her mom in the car and she got worried about her but after vomiting, she felt relieved and went to school. 

Sydney said that she took an outfit from the set of Everything Sucks

She really liked the dress that she wore for her role play and she took her with her home it was the first dress that she took from the set. 

She said that she brings lots of jeans from her set because it perfectly fits her as it was made of her size, and she thinks that no one will wear them, so she puts those jeans in her bag and brings them home. 

To know more about the interview do check the link. 

Excietment on series premire 

Sydney gave an interview on "The Ellen Show," where she talked about her magazine photoshoots and her new series Euphoria

The interviewer, Ellen, welcomed Sydney into her show and praised her for the dress that she was wearing. Ellen congratulated her appearance on the cover of Cosmopolitan

Sydney said that working on that magazine was something like her dream coming true. 

She said she has always dreamed about working for that magazine, and she is really happy to see herself on the cover page of Cosmo. 

Her parents are also proud of her. She opened up that her parents covered up the entire rags with her cover magazine. 

they see Sydney's magazine, they immediately click the photo and send it to her. 

Her parents cover up other magazines with hers, and she thinks that her parents' behavior will create issues for her. 

Sydney then talked about her role play in her series Euphoria.

She said that she was playing the role of Cassy in that series and said that her character starts falling for her best friend's boyfriend, which creates problems for them. 

She then talked about inviting her whole family to her series premiere. She was so excited that she even brought her grandparents to the premiere. 

Ellen wanted to know how her grandparents felt about her scenes in that series. She told her parents didn't take her scene either way; instead, they gave her the coolest reply. 

Her grandmom was right there in the interview while she was talking. 

Sydney then revealed that she started training for boxing. She said she started boxing 13 years ago, but now she doesn't do it much because she gets bruises and hurts her bone.

Sydney Can't Pay Off Her Bills

Sydney gained huge popularity after her role play in Euphoria. Because of her role and seeing her lifestyle, people think she is wealthy and successful. 

But the truth is Sydney is having a tough time paying her bills. According to Sydney, she is just a struggling actress who is working consistently so that she can pay off her bills and make money. 

She has been in the acting industry for quite a long time now, and by working as an actress, she has bought herself a really big house. 

She opened up that she had ordered to buy herself a house and pay her parents for what they provided to her, but now her situation is not as good as people think it is. 

Sydney always wanted to have her own family, and she always wanted to be a young mom but the industry scares her. 

The industry she has been in doesn't prioritize an actress with children, and if she became a young mom, then the industry would not let her continue her career as an interest. 

If she leaves her acting career, she won't be able to fulfill her requirements. Sydney revealed that nowadays, the actress is not paid much, and she is having a hard time. 

According to her, the established are making enough money, but the money given to her is not enough. 

She has to pay 5% to her lawyer, 5% to her agent, and 3% to a business person from her earnings. 

She has also been working for the brand deals and told that if she doesn't work for brand deals, then she won't have money with her. 

If she wanted to take only six months' break from acting, she would be empty pockets, and she is trying to get as many roles as possible. 

The house she made with her hard work has now become the place for people to make Tiktok, and she cannot make a gate because she has no money. 


Sydney is 24 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Sydney is $4 Million. Her source of income is acting. 

Sweeney Is A Trained Fighter

Sydney is a beautiful and brilliant actress. But what people don't know about her is that she is also a fighter

She has not been a professional fighter, but she has been trained as an MMA fighter

Not only that, but she is also a well-trained mixed martial artist. She took the training from the age of 14

Not only did she do training, but she also took part in grappling competitions and went against a greater-weight opponent. 

She won the match.

Social Media Hurt Sydney Emotionally

Sydney is indeed a beautiful person. She has a lot of fan following, and many people love her. 

But with all the love she gets, some haters are also there who don't like the actress. 

The same haters posted a post on Twitter stating Sydney was ugly. The tweet went viral and was trending. 

Sydney also saw the post, and she was hurt and broken. She came up live on Instagram and expressed her feelings. 

While expressing she could not hold back and cried as she was hurt. She said not to write anything hurtful as words can break a person. 

Fans told her not to see or listen to haters, but she couldn't ignore them. She was hurt and sad about the incident.

Trent Sweeney's Sister Told Her parents Her Plans To Acting

Like any other parents, Trent's parents were also worried about Sydney

They wanted her to do something great in her life. She was just 12 when she wanted to pursue acting. 

There was no guarantee that she would get roles in movies or plays, which was a risk. Her parents were worried about her. 

But she had a full plan for her acting journey. She had her five years business plan. 

She explained to her parents what she needed to do and what she would do in the days to come. 

She told every single detail to her parents, and they agreed.

Trent Sweeney Receiving Air Force training completion certificate
Trent Sweeney Receiving Air Force training completion certificate  Source: Instagram

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