Who Is Tricia McAlpin? Wife Of Eugene Cordero

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Who Is Tricia McAlpin? Wife Of Eugene Cordero

Tricia McAlpin is the wife of actor, comedian, and writer Eugene Cordero. They got married back in 2011.

They share two kids. They met on the set of Back Tattoos in 2010 and fell in love with each other. 

She is a talented comedic writer best known for the TV show Brooklyn Nine-Nine

She has also appeared in two episodes in the three seasons of the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Family of Tricia McAlpin.
Family of Tricia McAlpin.

Eugene Does Not Want His Kids To Become An Actor

Eugene has a son and a daughter. He said his daughter is too young to understand his job, and she does not know about his profession, as he has to pretend that he has a regular job like any other parent in front of his son. 

He said he pretended to be a firefighter, a Star Wars guy, and a cartoonist. 

He said that he would never want his kids to pursue their careers in the acting business. 

He said he want them to do something in sports and other things. 

He added that when his kids are old enough to make their own decisions, he hopes they won’t make a wrong decision. 


Her husband, Eugene, is 37 years old.

Net Worth

Her husband, Eugene, net worth is estimated to be $1.3 million.

Tricia McAlpin with her husband Eugene Cordero.
Tricia McAlpin with her husband, Eugene Cordero. Source: Instagram

Eugene Talked About Being Asian

Eugene comes from an Asian background, though he is American by nationality. 

He said sometimes it is challenging to be that, and it is usually rewarding. He said he has love and respect towards his culture and community.

Cordero Talked About His Inspiration In Life And Career

In an interview, Cordero shared that his friends, family, and grandpa had been essential in guiding him toward his acting career. 

People like Lou Diamond Phillips, Ernie Reyes Jr., and Dante Bosco have inspired him to be an actor in the entertainment industry. 

He said he grew up watching them. He added that Asian representatives in the business, like Jackie Chan, also paved the path for the upcoming actors. 

Cordero Was In The Star Wars Universe With The Mandalorian

Cordero joked that he didn't do the project just because it was Star Wars but because he got to wear a wig that looked great on him. 

Eugene got an opportunity to be on Star Wars. He said he was always a Star Wars fan and wanted to be part of something like that. 

He shared that many things have changed over the years because of advanced technology. 

He shared that when they were shooting, there were no green screens on set or stage as they did all sorts of graphics by monitors. 

He was shocked at how real it looked on screen. 

Eugene Talked About Working With Steve Carell

Eugene was part of the sitcom television series The Office and shared screen with Steve Carell.

He shared that for some of the scenes in the show, they were only there on location to shoot. 

He shared that they used to have a pop-up tent on the location where there used to be sir on a chair, and at the back of Steve's chair, his name was written, and at the back of the chair where he used to sit, it was written cast. 

He said he used to sit in the chair across from him, and he used to talk to him. 

He said the show was such a hit, and everyone loved the show, and he felt the energy of professionalism while doing the show.

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