Who Is Trillian Wood-Smith? Son Of Busta Rhymes

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Who Is Trillian Wood-Smith? Son Of Busta Rhymes

Trillian Wood-Smith is the son of rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Trevor George Smith Jr, professionally known as Busta Rhymes

He was born in Brooklyn in 2001. He has three siblings and two half-siblings. He is a student at the HBCU Lincoln University

He follows in his father's footsteps to become a rapper and musician. His mother is Joanne Wood

His parents were never married, and they were not together anymore. 

Parents of Trillian Wood-Smith.
Parents of Trillian Wood-Smith. Source: Pinterest

Busta Is The Father Of Six Kids

Busta has six children from different partners. He shared three sons with his ex-girlfriend, Joanna Wood. He also has three daughters.

He has a daughter from his ex-partner Jill Miskelly and another daughter from Rhonda Randall


Trillian is 23 years old.

Net Worth

Trillian's father, Busta, has an estimated net worth of $20 million. He has earned this fortune from his career as a rapper and record producer

Busta Got Emotional In His Weight Loss Journey

Busta shared his weight loss journey in an interview. He said that his weight gain never impacted his performance. 

He added his physical appearance affected his family. He shared he heard some conversations from his kids about him. 

He shared that when he woke up in the morning, he used to dab his son on his hand while going somewhere in the house, and his son would walk past him, slapping his hands, but later, his son started slapping his stomach. 

He said his son had no hostile intentions, but he started to feel annoyed. 

He shared that when he shot a video for his song, he realized how bad his body shape looked on camera, so in the dressing room, they duck-taped his body. 

He said it was the most challenging time of his life. After the shoot, they celebrated the success of his video in the club. 

He was leaving for his home with his son and bodyguard in his car. He fell asleep in his vehicle and inhaled so profoundly that it scared his son. 

They reached home, but waking him up took them 15 minutes. His son T' Ziah inspired him to lose weight. 

Busta Talked About Coping With The Loss Of A Closed One

Busta lost his father and manager. He said he dealt with such a loss on his own. He said he never let his kids see him at his lowest. 

He hid his pain and dealt with the loss by running away from it. He said he occupied himself with work. 

He also showed destructive behavior. All he wanted was to eat and drink. 

Busta Hid His Medical Issues For Years

Busta said that he had been losing his voice for two and a half years and hadn’t told anyone about it. 

After experiencing a life-threatening moment with his son, he was so frightened that he went to see a throat doctor the next day. 

When the doctor saw his report, he immediately told him they were taking him to emergency.

He said he was calling an ambulance for him and had to get into the ambulance as soon as possible. 

He asked the doctor what was wrong with him and why he needed to go to the emergency. 

The doctor told him that his pallets had grown so big that they had blocked ninety percent of his breathing passage. 

He said the grants would swell and easily block his ten percent breathing passage if he catches a cold. 

He said that he would quickly die by catching a regular cold and sore throat. 

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