Trinidad Valentin

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Trinidad Valentin

Trinidad Valentin is the mother of professional American rapper Saweetie

Her husband name is Johnny Harper. They together have three daughters, including Saweetie

She was born in the Philippines. She is a Filipino citizen by her nationality. 

Trinidad Valentin husband Johnny Harper
Trinidad Valentin husband Johnny Harper  Source: Instagram 

Married Life Of Saweetie

Saweetie is not married yet. She still has time left to experience the bond of marriage. 

In addition, she is single as of 2022. She is not in any relationship with anyone at the current moment. 

She is enjoying her single life.

Trinidad Valentin daughter Saweetie
Trinidad Valentin daughter Saweetie  Source: Instagram

Past Relationships Of Saweetie 

Saweetie first publicly dated actor Keith Powers when she was 18. They dated for four years and then broke up. 

She then dated Justin Combs in 2016. They maintain their relationship private. 

She then dated Quavo, who is a rapper. Their affairs lasted for three years and they broke up in 2021

Quavo cheated on Saweetie. Hence she broke up with him.

About Daughter Saweetie

Saweetie is a professional American rapper born on 2 July 1993.  Her birth name is Diamonte Quiava Valentin Harper, but professionally she is known by Saweetie

Her parents raised her in Santa Clara, California, the United States, with her two younger sisters. 

She started writing at the early age of 13, and by her graduation, she was ready to rule the rap world.

After graduation, she entered the rap world officially. She used to make short rap videos earlier, but in 2018 she released her first single globally, which went hit. 

She continued her work, for which she was nominated for Grammy in 2021.

Trinidad Valentin with her daughter Saweetie
Trinidad Valentin with her daughter Saweetie  Source: Instagram 

Challenging being a female rapper. 

Saweetie gave a lie detector test on an interview with Fuse. There she was asked some of the questions by the interviewer, and for that, she had to give the true answer. 

Saweetie opened up that it was her first time passing the lie detector test, and she was pretty nervous about that.

She said that she doesn't lie, but it depends on the situation, and if she has to lie, she doesn't hesitate to lie about something.

The first question that the interviewer asked her was as if she had posed with strangers' bottles in the club, and for that, she replied yes and said that when she was with her girls, she was acting to be cute with those bottles. 

She was then asked about repeating outfits, and for that, she said she does repeat outfits if the blogs miss her. 

She then said that Southern Californians are more swagger than Northern Californians, and anybody who goes in the Bay Area will tell that Southern Californians are swagger. 

Her first round was ended with these questions, and she was very honest with her answers. Her second first question was if she would do freestyle for the Ebro. And she said yes.

Saweetie and Ebro had something between them, but there was no feeling for each other. 

She was happy that Ebro was honest with her, and she didn't mind doing that. 

Then she agreed to question that being a female rapper is very difficult. She said that she is not fashionable among her friend's circles. 

Saweetie was very accurate as she was giving all the answers very truthfully.

Her girls are very honest with her, and if they tell her that her outfit is not going well, then she does agree with them as her friends have a good fashion sense than her. 

She was then asked about dating Drake, rapper, and she said no. She also said yes to the question in which she requested that she date the man who makes more money.

To know more about the interview, do check the link.

Saweetie Was Caught Stealing

Saweetie gave an interview to "REAL 92.3 LA". In the interview, she talked about her relationship, music and many more. The interview started with some talks about her music career, and then the interviewer asked her about her relationship. 

Saweetie had been in a high-profile relationship, and there in the interview, she shared what she learned from her previous relationship. She knows what she wants now, and she feels that she needs someone who can mentally nourish her. 

She said that she has been meditating, and it has helped her a lot to know herself and what she is actually capable of doing. Meditation has cleared her of what she wants to do and what she doesn't. So it helped her a lot. 

The interviewer said Saweetie looked much healthier than before, so he gave her a big bowl of healthy food with some fruits and other healthy stuff. He asked her to name those healthy foods, and Saweetie called them. 

Saweetie opened up that she loves watching Euphoria, and she shouted for Zendaya, who has shown her intense acting in that series. 

Saweetie is very close to her dad; she feels her dad is the coolest, and because of that, she has been comfortable sharing everything with her dad. She thinks that parents and children both shouldn't hide anything from each other. 

Parents should not be strict with children; instead, they should be frank with children, which makes children enjoy their life easily. 

She revealed her getting involved in something that made the city send a letter to her parents to know what their daughter was doing, which got her into a problem. 

The interviewer asked her what she was precisely involved in, and then Saweetie replied that she was caught stealing. 


Saweetie is 28 years old. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Saweetie is $4 Million. Her source of income is rapping. 

Trinidad Valentine's Daughter Focused On Her Studies

Trinidad's daughter Saweetie might be a globally famous rapper and singer, but she was not always all on into the rapping field. 

She loved writing and singing raps from her childhood. But she knew that education was much important in her life. 

After she got her degree, she only went into professional rapping and gave her best to reach where she is now.

Saweetie Doesn't Care About People's Negative Opinion

Saweetie is a globally recognized celebrity and rapper. Her work has reached in front of millions of people, and people love her way of singing. 

She appreciates her fans and followers. But she cares less about haters and people with negativity. 

She doesn't give a damn to them and thinks they are just there to make her fall down. 

She doesn't take things seriously and worry around as it is not good for her and her career.

Saweetie Was A Stripper

Saweetie was not always so privileged. She worked in many places, and once, she had also worked as a stripper in a strip club.

People talk bad about strippers but she thinks that it is wrong. Being one of them, she said that every stripper is a human.

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