Who Is Trish Spencer? Wife Of Matty Matheson

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Who Is Trish Spencer? Wife Of Matty Matheson

Trish Spencer is the wife of Matty Matheson, who is a chef, YouTuber, and host of The Dead Set on Life

Trish is a lifestyle and fashion expert. She owns a bridal boutique in Canada.

How Did Their Romance Start?

Trish and Matty started dating each other when they were teenagers. 

Trish was very hesitant to go out with Matty; it was her sister who encouraged her to go out with him. 

She went out with him, and the rest is history. 

They dated for many years before getting married in 2014

Trish Spencer with her husband Matty Matheson at their wedding
Trish Spencer with her husband Matty Matheson at their wedding. Source: Instagram

Their wedding took place in Trish's aunt and uncle's home at Port Dover Beach, Ontario. Now they are proud parents to their three children.


Matty is 40 years old. He is 5 feet 6 inches tall. He weighs around 96 kg

Trish Spencer's husband Matty Matheson
Trish Spencer's husband Matty Matheson. Source: Instagram

Matty’s Addiction Took Him To Dark Place

In the interview with Powerful JRE podcast, Matty shared his addiction story. Matty’s past was full of darkness and struggle as he was an alcoholic and drug abuser. 

His addiction nearly destroyed him. Because of heavy drinking and drug abuse, he even got a heart attack. 

However, the heart attack didn’t stop him from drinking. He opened up that he started drinking and partying just three months after the heart attack. 

He was off limits, and that was the moment he actually realized that he was an addict. 

He had a great friend who loved him and supported him despite his drinking habit, but his addiction became so huge and dark that everyone got separated from him. 

He had his own place for drinking, but because of his too much drinking and drug addiction, he developed violent behavior, which made him restricted in the bar. 

He got into a fight with his friends and became alone. As he had no place and no friends, he started going into dark places like a trap house. 

The drug business was done in the trap house, and after buying the drug, he went to another place to get high. 

His addiction pushed him into the darkness. He even called himself a psychopathic ego stick. 

Before, when he used to do drugs, he never thought he would die, but as his addiction increased, he knew that it would kill him. 

Despite knowing that, he was not being able to stop taking drugs. It took him more than two years to become sober after having a heart attack.

Matty also talked about the time he got drunk. It was years back, his friend who’s a chef came to visit him from Europe.

He made dinner plans with his friend, and that was the time he drank for the last time. He got super drunk and didn’t even go to his work. 

Net Worth

Matty's net worth is estimated at $2 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a chef. 

He also earns hefty amounts from many endeavors, and he owns some cafes and restaurants. He also earns from YouTube. 

Matty Revealed The Things He Can’t Live Without

The first essential thing Matty talked about is his vintage helmet.

He said he had to wear it while riding his motorcycle. 

He likes to wear sunglasses. He said he wears it while using his phone and driving. He has got four pairs of sunglasses. 

He loves having coffee every morning, so he has to have a steel thermos. 

He loves wearing bucket hats. 

He is obsessed with his Rolex watch, which was gifted by his friends. He revealed that it is the only watch he loves to wear. 

He uses a film camera a lot. He likes to carry it whenever he travels and captures moments. 

As a chef, he said it is a must to have a pan. He mentioned that a Tote bag is a must-have as one can keep a lot of stuff in it. 

He said he carries his tote bag everywhere. He loves wearing hand-painted denim pants. He loves customizing his favorite things in the pants. 

He started wearing Van shoes when he was in grade eight. 

He said after he got older, he started moisturizing his face as he had a dry spot on his face. 

What Matty Eats In A Day?

Matty said that he doesn’t eat breakfast much. He rarely has his breakfast three times a week. 

He loves drinking coffee with cream. He started adding sugar to his coffee during the pandemic. 

He said he loves making and having BLT every Saturday though his kids don't like having them. 

He said for lunch, he has the leftovers that he made the night before, like vegetable soup and sausages. 

He also loves chicken finger subs that have tacos, beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cream, and cheese. 

He said when he is traveling, he likes having good dim sum, ramen, and Szechuan. 

He loves having broth and noodles. He likes to have chocolate cookies with peanut butter and sip it with milk as his snack. 

He said he has dinner between 5 and 6. He has tap water for dinner and sometimes treats himself to Coke once a week.

Matty Is A Fan Of Vintage T-Shirts

Matty loves buying vintage T-shirts and knives. He said he buys his T-shirts from all over the world. 

He buys them from some random Instagram store and some stores around the world. 

He buys those T-shirt if he likes them doesn’t matter whether it fits him or not. 

He said he treat his vintage T-shirt as his jewels. He loves collecting iconic t-shirts. 

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