Trisha Malik

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Trisha Malik

Trisha Malik is the mother of British singer Zayn Malik. Her birth name is Patricia Brannan

Her parents are Jean Brannan and Walter Brannan. She is married to Yaser Malik, a Pakistani emigrant. 

She changed her name and religion after her marriage to Yaser

Trisha Malik husband Yaser
Trisha Malik husband Yaser   Source: Instagram

She has four children; a son and three daughters with Yaser. They are Safaa, Doniya, Waliyha and Zayn

She is an English citizen by nationality and currently living in the United Kingdom

Trisha Malik daughters
Trisha Malik daughters   Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Zayn Malik 

Zayn dated Perrie Edwards previously. They both started dating back in 2012. Zayn and Perrie had a good relationship. 

They also got engaged in 2013. They had love affairs for four years and later parted away.

After that, Zayn briefly dated famous model Gigi Hadid. They both started dating in 2015. The couple looked adorable together. 

In 2016, because of some issues between them, they split. But they again reunited in that same year. 

Gigi and Zayn have never been married. In 2020 the pair welcomed a beautiful daughter named Khai Hadid Malik.

Gigi and Zayn stayed as a couple for six years and later broke up in 2021 because of their issue.

Trisha Malik with her son Zayn and Gigi
Trisha Malik with her son Zayn and Gigi  Source: Instagram 

About Zayn Malik 

Zayn is a singer born on 12 January 1993. His full name is Zayn Javadd Malik

He was born to Trisha and Yaser Malik and raised with his three siblings. 

Zayn is well known for being part of a former boy band named One-Direction. The band was formed in 2010

After five years, Zayn left that band and started making his solo career. 

Zayn has managed to earn a lot of followers from his awesome songs. He is one of the best singers in the industry.

Trisha with his son
Trisha with his son  Source: Instagram 


Trisha was born on 10 November 1969, and her current age is 52 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Zayn Malik is $65 Million. His source of income is through singing. 

The average earning of the singer is $157,782 per year.

Trisha Malik Helped Zayn With His Eating Disorder

Zayn is a popular singer and songwriter who has provided the music industry with many fabulous songs. 

Starting from his group's One Direction, he is now one of the most popular solo artists. 

After becoming famous, he started getting too busy. He started having stress, and that's when his eating disorder occurred. 

He went days and days without eating, and it wasn't good. He then visited his mother, Trisha, in the UK

Trisha helped Zayn with his problem. Zayn talked to his mother, she cooked food for him, and Zayn ate it. 

His problem slowly improved after that, and he overcame his eating disorder.

Zayn Malik Was Spotted Injured

In 2017, Zayn was dating Gigi Hadid. He frequently visited Hadid's apartment, and while doing so, he was spotted using wheelchair. 

He didn't tell anyone about his condition, and it came up as a shock to his fans. 

Many predicted that he was not injured, while others said he injured his foot while dancing. 

Zayn was surely injured as he appeared in a wheelchair, but he never revealed what happened to him. 

He healed quickly as his injury was minor. He appeared in one of the photos of Hadid in fit condition.

Zayn And Gigi Split Because Of Gigi's Mother

Zayn and Gigi were seen as a perfect couple. 

Many people adored this cute couple, and after the birth of their first daughter Khai, people started liking them even more. 

But in 2021, Zayn and Gigi's split news came up as a shock for many people. 

They were a perfect couple but hearing the news of their separation was not something people easily believed. 

After their breakup was official, the real reason for their breakup came in highlights. 

Gigi's mother put allegation on Zayn for raising hand on her. This was the reason for their separation. But Zayn denied Yolanda's allegation. 

Although Zayn and Gigi broke up, they still want the best for their child and have decided to take care of her well.

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