True Whitaker- Tragedy Of Forest Whitaker Daughter

by Manisha Sat Dec 09 2023 Updated On Sun Dec 10 2023
True Whitaker- Tragedy Of Forest Whitaker Daughter

True Whitaker is the daughter of actor and film producer Forest Whitaker. She was born in 1998

Her mother is the late Keisha Nash, who was the creator of the luxury cosmetic lone Kissable Couture

She has two siblings, Sonnet and Ocean. She has one half-sister, Autumn, from her mother's previous relationship. Her parents got divorced in 2021.

True Whitaker with her father, Forest Whitaker.
True Whitaker with her father, Forest Whitaker. Source: People

Parent's Relationship

Forest married Keisha in 1996. He and his ex-wife had two kids together. They parted ways in 2018, and their divorce was finalized in 2021. 

The two first met each other on the set of Blown Away in 1994

Keisha played the role of Forest's girlfriend in that movie. 

He proposed to her in 1995 and exchanged wedding vows as husband and wife in 1996

Parents of True Whitaker.
Parents of True Whitaker. Source: Pinterest

True Announced The Death Of Her Mother

True mother passed away on December 7, 2023. She confirmed her mother's death through her Instagram

She wrote a heartbreaking message for her mom. In her Instagram post, she paid tribute to her late mother. 

She wrote that it would be difficult to survive in this world in her absence. 

She added that her mother is her most potent angel who will help guide her. 

True Whitaker with her parents and siblings.
True Whitaker with her parents and siblings. Source: Pinterest


Faithful was born on July 2, 1998, and her current age is 25.

Net Worth

Her father, Forest, has a net worth estimated at $25 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as 

Forest Talked About Winning Oscar

Forest won an Oscar for Best Actor for portraying Idi Amin in the historical drama The Last King of Scotland in 2006.

Forest Always Gets Nervous Before Doing a Movie

Forest revealed that he always gets nervous before doing any movies. 

He shared that if he did not feel nervous about his movies, he would not do great in that movie. 

He added his nervousness shows him that he is doing something new and fresh. 

Forest Talked About His Character In God Father Of Harlem 

Forest played the role of Bumpy Johnson in the crime drama television series Godfather of Harlem

He was a gangster in that movie, and his character was a natural person who is dead now. 

He said his character ran a mob, and after getting out of prison, he tried to reestablish himself back in Harlem as the head of Harlem against the Italian mob

He added that the movie Bumpy intersects the civil rights movement and the criminal world. 

He added he tried to move his community by understanding business. 

He said it was interesting to see what achieving the American dream by any means was like. 

Forest Knew about Bumpy Johnson Before he Did Godfather of Harlem

Forest was an executive producer of the drama series Godfather of Harlem, and he was portrayed as Bumpy Johnson, too. 

He said he knew about Bumpy before the series as he had seen him in films, but he did not know the depth of his personality. 

He said Bumpy was a secret person and that he could only find four to five photographs of him. 

He said he could not find anything about him. 

He said he was doing things people told him about and did some interviews. 

He revealed he interviewed a gangster for his role. 

Forest Talked About Working With Sean Penn

Forest worked with Sean Penn in a comedy movie, Fast Times, at Ridgemont High in 1982

He was 19 years old when he did that movie. 

He shared that as a young actor, Sean was really into his character, and his method of approach was terrific. 

He shared that he and the kid who played his brother in that movie discussed how they would steal his bag. 

He shared they stole his bag and ran.

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