Who Is Una Riley? Mother Of Talulah Riley

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Una Riley is the mom of English actress and writer Talulah Riley. She is the founder of a security systems company and a public relations company

She is married to her husband, Doug Milburn. She is an English citizen of her nationality. 

About Una’s Daughter Talulah 

Talulah is a professional actress and writer. She is well known for her lead role play in Pistol as Vivienne Westwood.

She was born in the year 1985 and has his birthday on 26 September.  

Her parents raised her in Hertfordshire, England. She is an English citizen of her nationality. 

Married Life Of Talulah

Talulah was previously married to Elon Musk. She started dating Elon Musk back in 2008 and later moved in together. 

They tied the knot in 2010, but sadly, their marriage ended two years later. 

However, Talulah and Elon remarried in 2013, thinking they could work out, but it didn’t. They ended up getting divorced in 2016

Talulah Riley and her ex-husband, Elon Musk.
Talulah Riley and her ex-husband, Elon Musk. Source: Pinterest

As of 2023, she is engaged to her fiance, Thomas Brody Sangster. They met each other on the set of the movie Pistol in 2021

They were rumored to be dating after they were seen holding hands. Their relationship was confirmed when they started attending red carpets together. 

Thomas proposed to Talulah two years after dating, and she happily said yes. Her partner shared their engagement news through his Instagram on July 27.

Talulah Riley and her partner.
Talulah Riley and her partner. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Talulah is 37 years old. She has a net worth of $40 Million. Her source of income is writing and acting

Talulah Was Inspired By “Gone with the Wind”

Talulah wrote a novel, "Acts of Love,” which is the story of a journalist girl who hates men. She named the character Bernadette

She made the character a powerful personality who takes the interview of famous men on high ground and tries to dominate them with her questions. 

She is also sexually manipulative, according to her. 

Talulah revealed that to write this character of a strong girl; she was inspired by the writing “Gone With the Wind,” which also portrays a strong, bad girl. 

She said that movies cannot add meaning to the novel, so she wants to hear the book's audio instead.

Talulah Married Elon Quite Soon

Talulah and Elon met in a club, and Talulah described him as a man of charm. 

Talulah loved Elon in the first meeting and decided to meet her again. So, after her movie shooting, she decided to go on a holiday trip to LA

As Talulah was just 22, she still was very young. She told Elon about her trip and plan. Elon wanted to book her a flight, but Talulah did it herself. 

On the same trip, Elon said he wanted to marry Talulah and proposed to her with no ring. 

Talulah also really liked Elon, and she accepted it. 

But their marriage was all about work, company, and children, and they didn’t have time for themselves. Hence, they aren’t together at this date.

Talulah Learned About Engineers From Elon 

Talulah and her ex-husband, Elon Musk, have an excellent relationship. 

Their marriage ended twice, and they still have no harsh feelings for each other. 

She knew Elon more than anyone could, and she got to learn lots of things from Elon

She shared Elon's dark past and opened up that he was the kid who hated going to school because he was bullied. 

His friends threw soda cans on his head, which distanced Elon from making friends. 

He stayed alone and got interested in computer games and coding, and at a very young age, he had his own company. 

Elon earned money and success at a young age, and despite that, he was just a simple man who liked wearing jeans and a T-shirt. 

He never called him CEO or anything but also regarded him as an Engineer. She learned about engineers and their mentality when she was with Elon.

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