Who is Uzma Alam? Wife Of Mustafa Ali

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Who is Uzma Alam? Wife Of Mustafa Ali

Uzma Alam is the wife of Mustafa Ali, who is a professional wrestler. She is Muslim.

Uzma Alam with her husband, Mustafa Ali.
Uzma Alam with her husband, Mustafa Ali. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Uzma met her husband, Mustafa, in 2010. They got married in 2011

Uzma is a very supportive wife. She supports her husband during his WWE fights. 

The couple have three children together. 

They have two daughters named Amara and Dua and one son named Rayaan

They recently welcomed their third child, a baby girl born on November 24, 2021

They named her Dua, which means prayer, because they prayed a lot for her. 

Mustafa shared a sweet picture of himself holding their daughter and shared this happy news on social media. 

His fans and other wrestlers congratulated him.

Family of Uzma Alam.
Family of Uzma Alam. Source: Instagram


Uzma's age is not revealed yet, but her husband Mustafa was born on March 28, 1986. 

Net Worth

Mustafa's net worth is about $1 Million.

Uzma Alam's husband and their children.
Uzma Alam's husband and their children. Source: Instagram

Possibility Of Match Between Mustafa And Will Ospreay

Mustafa is one of the famous wrestlers in WWE. He was recently released from WWE

He was well-liked by fans but never became a WWE champion. 

Now that he is no longer with WWE, people are curious about him and what he will do next. 

One exciting possibility is a match between Mustafa and another top wrestler, Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay is considered one of the best wrestlers in the world. 

The challenge is how to make this match happen. It could happen in an independent wrestling promotion as a special Dream Match

This would be a big draw for fans and might lead to more exciting matches between these two and opportunities in other wrestling organizations.

Mustafa's Dedication For Wrestling 

Mustafa's real name is Adeel Alam. He grew up in a Pakistani-American family in Bolingbrook

His parents gave him a stable life, but he chose to become a professional wrestler and even worked as a Chicago police officer

He is known for his fast, acrobatic wrestling style. 

He started his wrestling journey in a tournament called the Cruiserweight Classic, where he stood out as a rising star. 

Ali then joined WWE’s cruiserweight division, where he continued to impress fans with his exciting matches. 

He later moved to the main WWE roster, the SmackDown Live brand, where his high-flying moves and dedication made him a fan favorite, especially when he faced more vigorous opponents. 

Ali is not just a wrestler. He is also known for speaking out on social justice issues. 

He embraced the nickname The Heart of 205 Live and later The Heart of SmackDown to challenge stereotypes and promote inclusivity. 

In 2022, Ali wanted to leave WWE, but Vince McMahon, the company owner, didn’t allow it. But now Ali has finally left WWE

Mustafa Was Called ‘Bad Guy’ For Turning Down Mansoor

In 2021, Mustafa was moved to the SmackDown brand in WWE

He had been teaming up with Mansoor on RAW, but he turned on Mansoor by attacking him on October 11th, which made Ali a bad guy in wrestling terms.

This attack ended their partnership officially. 

At the Crown Jewel 2021 event in Saudi Arabia, Mansoor got a warm reception from the crowd, and he defeated Ali in a one-on-one match. 

Ali was also the leader of a group called RETRIBUTION a while ago, but their group did not last very long in WWE because of some difficulties.

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