Vania Nonnenmacher

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Vania Nonnenmacher

Vania Nonnenmacher is the mother of Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

She is of German descent but has Brazilian nationality.

Vania, Beauty With Brains

As the mother of supermodel Gisele, Vania herself was quite the stunner in her youth. 

In a Gisele photo on her Instagram, the mother-daughter duo looked almost identical in their 20s. 

Vania Nonnenmacher And Gisele Bundchen Matching Pictures
Vania Nonnenmacher And Gisele Bundchen Matching Pictures Source: Instagram

Even though she is a mother and a grandmother, her beauty has not faded a bit. 

She looks as beautiful as ever next to her daughter, Gisele, in a video series released in 2020 by Dior Beauty.

She also used to have a job as a bank teller in Banco do Brasil to support her big family. She is now a pensioner. 

Vania truly is the epitome of beauty with brains.

Vania Grew Up Among Nature

In a series of video excerpts released by Dior Beauty, Vania revealed that she grew up in Horizontina, Gisele’s favorite place to spend her holidays. 

Horizontina is a place full of nature situated in Southern Brazil.

Vania says that being able to experience living in nature was a blessing.

While growing up in Horizontina, Vania was able to connect with nature and her roots. 

This helped her have values in life that she truly resonated with. 

Later on, she passed these same values to Gisele, which helped her achieve great success. 

Gisele adds that human beings are connected with nature. And loving and respecting nature helps human beings realize their self-worth. 

She regards this as one of the most important lessons that she gained from her mother and thanks Vania for letting her experience it.

Vania’s Husband

Vania Maria Nonnenmacher is married to Vladimir Reinaldo Bundchen, an author and sociologist. 

Together, they have six children named Raquel, Graziela, Gabriela, Rafaela, Gisele, and Patrícia

Vania Nonnenmacher Family, Husband And Kids
Vania Nonnenmacher Family, Husband And Kids Source: Instagram

As described by their daughter Gisele, Vania’s husband, Vladir is a wonderful man whose passion and desire to support others and impact the community mesmerizes the people around him. 

Daughter Gisele’s Real Wonder Woman

Gisele says that her mother, Vania is a real wonder woman; brave, bold, and powerful. 

Vania Nonnenmacher Daughter Pouring Love
Vania Nonnenmacher Daughter Pouring Love Source: Instagram

The values that Vania had instilled in her daughter allowed Gisele to go out in the world at such a young age and showcase her talents with confidence.

Vania was also the one who insisted that Gisele join a modeling course. 

That was the starting point of Gisele’s career as a supermodel.

So, it is not far-fetched to say Gisele owes a lot to her mother, Vania, for being the supermodel that she is.

Vania’s Grandchildren

Although Vania’s wedding was a private affair, the whole world knew when her daughter Gisele and American football quarterback Tom Brady tied the knot in 2009

The couple has two children named Vivian Lake Brady and Benjamin Brady, which makes Vania their grandmother.

Vania’s Daughter And Son-in-Law, Tom Brady With Their Children
Vania’s Daughter And Son-in-Law, Tom Brady With Their Children Source: Instagram

She might have other grandchildren too, but there is not much information on it as her daughters, apart from Gisele, are not public figures. 

Vania’s Daughter Felt Suffocated

Vania’s daughter Gisele is a well-known model. She has been in a modeling career for more than two decades. 

Her life was full of struggles. In the interview with ABC News, Gisele shared the struggles she had gone through since she was a teenager. 

She opened up that when she became 14 years old, she felt very old and she needed to get out of her parent's house. 

She was 5’ 10 at the age of 14, and because of that, she felt she was too old for her to be in her parents’ house. 

She also talked about her panic attack. Gisele always liked things in her control, but years back, when she flew on a plane to Costa Rica, she felt the plane shaking, which was not something that was in her control. 

That incident panicked her, and since then, she started getting panic attacks. 

She slowly started being scared of tunnels and subways when she was alone. 

She chose a modelling career at that time models were coming and going, so she felt that she needed to be available every time to hold her place in modelling. 

She worked too continuously and never said no to work. Because of her continuous working habits, she started feeling trapped and suffocated everywhere. 

Even in her own house, she felt trapped. She lived in a NY apartment on the ninth floor, and there was a time when she was standing on the balcony and felt that she couldn’t live her life. 

She wanted to jump, but then she backed out because she realized that she needed to change the way she was living. For that, Yoga and meditation helped her a lot. 

Meditation made her see the things clearly in her life and helped her.

Net Worth

Other than being the mother of supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Vania Maria Nonnenmacher is a normal civilian. Thus, her net worth is not made public.

But, her daughter Gisele Bundchen boasts a net worth of $450 million. Her net worth and income sources are structured in the table below:

Net Worth $450 million
Income SourcesModeling, Acting, Television Producer

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. Vania Maria, born July 23, 1948, is 72 years old.
  2. Her height and weight are yet to be revealed.

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