Who Is Verna Young? Mother Of Dr. Dre

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Who Is Verna Young? Mother Of Dr. Dre

Verna Young is the mother of American rapper and record producer Dr. Dre whose legal name is Andre Ronelle Young. 

She used to teach at the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School. 

Is Dr. Dre married?

Dr. Dre was married to Nicole Young in 1996. They were married for 21 years. The two shares two kids together. 

Verna Young's son Dr. Dre with his ex-wife Nicole Young
Verna Young's son Dr. Dre with his ex-wife Nicole Young. Source: Pinterest

But the two got separated due to irreconcilable differences. 

Nicole was married to NBA player Sedale while she started dating Andre.

Nicole fell for Andre before her divorce from her ex-husband was finalized. 

According to the rumors, Dre wrote a letter to her when she was still with her ex-husband asking her to come to him and leave her husband. 

His urge was successful, and they tied the knot. But their romance came to a shocking end.

Dre Was Accused Of Physical Abuse By His Ex-wife Nicole

After the divorce, Dre's ex-wife Nicole came up with an allegation that she was abused physically and emotionally during her marriage with him.

She claimed that he put a gun in her head twice during their relationship.

She made this allegation during her divorce proceedings. She also said that he even punched her in the face twice. 

She explained that he used to be very aggressive and that she used to hide from him to protect herself from being harmed. 

She added that the incident has killed her confidence, and she still suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome because of those past events. 

She said that she wanted to call the police, but she used to fear him a lot, which killed her confidence and she assumed that the police won’t help her. 

Dre denied all the allegations and said that he always cared about her personal safety and never abused her during their marriage. 


Dr. Dre is 57 years old. He is 6 feet 1 inches tall. He weighs around 80 kg.

Verna Young's son Dr. Dre
Verna Young's son Dr. Dre. Source: Instagram

Net Worth

Dre's net worth is estimated to be a whopping $800 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a record producer and rapper.

Dre Accused Of Assaulting Women

In 1991, Dre was charged with physical assault against a musical journalist and former host of hip hop fox video D Barnes

At one of the party, he picked her up and slammed her face and body repeatedly against the wall. 

She ran away from him, but he followed her and attacked her again. He settled with that journalist outside the court. 

In 2015, one of her ex-girlfriends claimed that he was violent throughout their relationship. 

In his defense, Dre said that he used to be a young man and was addicted to drinking. 

But none of these is no excuse for what he did to those women.

He apologized to them for his doings in the past and promised to be a better person in the future and not repeat such mistakes. 

He said he regretted all that.

Dr. Dre's Crazy Dating History

Dre dated Cassandra Joy Green when he was sixteen years old. They share a son together. 

But he wasn't present there for her, so she married someone else. 

He then dated Lisa Johnson, with whom he has three daughters. 

After five years, he dated Janita Porter, and they had a son together. 

Then he dated R & B singer Michele in the late 80s.

But she left him when she found out that he has cheated on her with another woman in 1996. 

Then he met his ex-wife Nicole Young. He tied the knot with her. 

During his marriage with Nicole, he hooked up with Vixen Corinne Stephens

He also had a child later with another woman. The identity of the mother was not revealed. 

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