Who Is Veronica Gutierrez? Devin Booker Mother

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Who Is Veronica Gutierrez? Devin Booker Mother

Veronica Gutierrez is best known as the mother of American professional basketball player Devin Booker

Her husband's name is Melvin Booker. Veronica herself is a cosmetologist by her profession. 

She has three children named Mya Powell, Davon Wade and Devin.

She is an American citizen. 

Veronica Gutierrez with her children
Veronica Gutierrez with her children  Source: Instagram

Devin Relationship Status

Devin is in a committed relationship with Kendall Jenner, a well-known model. 

The couple started their dating life back in 2020. As of 2022, the couple has completed 2 years as a happy couple. 

Devin Booker with his girlfriend Kendall Jenner
Devin Booker with his girlfriend Kendall Jenner Source: E! Online

How Did Thing Start Between Them?

Devin and Kendall kept their relationship very private. 

The rumors of them dating started back in June 2020 after they were caught together. She also attended Devin's basketball match.

They officially opened up their relationship in public on valentines day of 2021 through their social media. 

Veronica Gutierrez son Devin Booker
Veronica Gutierrez's son Devin Booker Source: Instagram


Devin is 25 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Devin is $158 million. He earns from being a professional basketball player

Struggled A Lot To Be A Basketball Player

Devin is well known for being the basketball player of the NBA

He opened up that he always wanted to be a basketball player, and it was his dream since he was a child. 

Basketball has been one of the important part of his life. He said that his father, grandfather all had their career in NBA.

Since his childhood, he always dreamt of being a part of the NBA player, and now he has fulfilled his dream.

In past years he wanted to play for the Varsity Basketball team

He said that the journey to be a player is not easy. He did a lot of hard work and had to scarify many things. 

He didn't get to enjoy his childhood days because he was training himself so that he can be one of the best basketball player. 

He traveled a lot which made him stay away from his family and friends. 

He came through lot of hard work and struggle to reach the position where he is now.

Things That Devin Can't Live Without 

In the interview with GQ sports Devin talked about his few stuff that he cannot miss while he goes on traveling. 

His interest in traveling started when he went to Italy to meet his dad, who used to play basketball over there. 

The first thing was a passport, and then he told that he takes a bicycle card where ever he goes. 

He said that he loves playing cards. 

While traveling, he and his mates play cards in plane and in hotel room as well. 

Another thing was a music player. He just listens to music while watching games on TV. 

He turns off the volume of the TV and listens to the music. 

He also takes a drop stopper with him, which is used to pour wine from the wine bottle. 

Girlfriend's Niece Has A Crush 

Devin is currently dating Kendall Jenner, and they are very happy in their relationship. 

The famous model Kendall Jenner opened up in an interview saying that her 3-year-old niece has a huge crush on her boyfriend, Devin.

Devin and Kendell's niece Stormi shares a good bonding, and Kendell feels kind of jealous when she sees them together. 

Her niece Stormi likes Devin a lot. 

Got An Injury

Devin has won many people's hearts through his skills, but sadly the player caught himself in an injury. 

Devin got a hamstring injury in a match. 

His injury made him miss the match, and sadly without him, his team Phoenix Suns lost the match against the Warriors. 

It took him some time to get recover from the injury, but after he was fine, he returned to his team and was ready for the match.

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