Who Is Victor Boyce? Father Of Cameron Boyce

by Manisha Sun May 15 2022 Updated On Thu May 19 2022
Who Is Victor Boyce? Father Of Cameron Boyce

Victor Boyce is the father of a bright and young actor, the late Cameron Boyce. He is married to Libby Boyce, they have been together for 24 years

He is African-American ethnicity and his wife is Jewish. He lives in Los Angeles. He has a daughter named Maya Boyce.

Victor Boyce with his wife Libby Boyce
Victor Boyce with his wife Libby Boyce Source: Instagram

Cameron Died At The Age Of 20 From A Seizure

Victor and Libby shared the news about their son, actor Cameron, who suddenly passed from epilepsy. 

Victor Boyce with his son Cameron Boyce
Victor Boyce with his son Cameron Boyce. Source: Instagram

He passed away in sleep. Cameron had his first seizure when he was sixteen and half years old, and it was in his sleep. 

It was a night when his friends were sleeping over, and they witnessed it first. 

About a year later, he was 17 and had a second seizure. He was diagnosed with epilepsy. He had five seizures in his life. 

They thought his seizure was so infrequent that they would not be debilitating because he always had them in sleep. 

The worst thing that happened to him as he would bite his tongue and have a bad headache. 

Victor got a call from his son's roommate, and all of a sudden, he was like in a cloud. 

He lost his mind, and everything went white in front of him. 

He told his daughter, and both started screaming and crying. He was driving the wrong way. 

He could not believe what his son's friend had just told him. 

He pulled up to his house, and there were cops all over his house. 

Cameron died due to SUDEP, which means sudden unexpected death in Epilepsy. 

He was sleeping, and he just never woke up.

Parents Spoke About Their Last Night With Cameron

His parents were extremely close to Cameron. They used to celebrate all his small and big achievements. 

His mother said that she had amazing 20 years with him. His father talked about the night he passed away. 

He said they were out for dinner, and he was completely normal. 

They had a beautiful family dinner, and there was no indication that anything was wrong with him. 

They were joking and had fun all night. There was no way to know that their son would be dead hours away. 

Victor was even texting his son before he took his last breath. 


Victor was born on 23 February 1962, and his current age is 60 years old.

Net Worth

Victor's son Cameron had a net worth of $5 million at his death. 

Victor Boyce with his daughter Maya Boyce
Victor Boyce with his daughter Maya Boyce. Source: Instagram

Dove Cameron Got Teary-Eyed Talking About Her Co-Star Cameron

The Descendant 3 star admitted that the sudden death of Cameron had been rough, and they are finding solace in each other. 

She said he was like family to him and was one of her closest friends. 

She said Cameron was the most singular person in the world. 

She cannot describe her working experience with him as words could not justify how much he meant to her. 

She said he was everything that everybody said he was. After losing her closet friend, it's hard to move on. 

She is still trying to cope with that. 

All the cast members stayed in touch with each other and checked up on one another. 

They all are trying their best to bear the loss of Cameron.

Camron Was Born To Perform

Best known for his work on the Disney Channel, Cameron starred in the sitcom Jessie alongside Debby Ryan for four years, from 2011 to 2015

In 2015 he played Cruella de Vil's son Carlos in the Disney channel's Tv movie Descendants. 

The film was an instant success, and the sequel drew a whopping 21 million viewers across six networks. 

He was also featured in part 3 of Descendants. 

Boyce started taking on more adult roles like in indie thriller Runt. 

He was much more than a Disney channel star. 

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