Who Is Victor Dorobantu Parents And Partner?

by Manisha Tue Dec 20 2022 Updated On Wed Jul 26 2023
Who Is Victor Dorobantu Parents And Partner?

Victor Dorobantu is a magician from Romania who lent his hand to play a disembodied hand in the popular series Wednesday.

He is the man behind the small hand that was a big personality in the show. He is also a performer, actor, model, and illusionist.

He is well known for his magic tricks and illusions. He was raised in Bucharest along with his siblings by his Romanian parents. 

His father is a businessman, and his mother is a housewife

Is Victor Dating Anyone?

Despite being a TV personality and public figure, Victor has kept his personal life away from the spotlight.

He is not married and doesn't have any children yet.

But in January 2023, he posted a picture with Elyzza Chifu, a singer. He shared many photos of the two with romantic captions.

They haven't confirmed officially, but going through his Instagram, his romantic photos proved they are dating. 

Victor Dorobantu with his girlfriend.
Victor Dorobantu with his girlfriend. Source: Instagram


Victor is 26 years old. He is 6 feet 2 inches tall. He weighs around 80 kg.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $800k to $850k. He has earned this fortune as a professional magician and illusionist

Victor Dorobantu with his co-stars of Wednesday.
Victor Dorobantu with his co-stars of Wednesday. Source: Instagram

Dorobantu Played Thing In The Netflix Series Wednesday 

Dorobantu's hand was the disembodied hand in the series Wednesday. 

Many people thought the hand in that series was a computer-generated imagery hand, but everyone's mind was blown away when they found it was a natural hand. 

The Romanian magician wore a full-covered body suit and crawled his hand while hiding under the table to make it realistic. 

He also crouched Jenna Ortega, the main lead of the series, and shot some scenes underwater to make his embodied hand come to life. 

Dorobantu said it was hard for him during the audition process as he had to show emotion without any voices or subtitles. 

He said that the hand has character in itself. He also said he did a lot of hand exercises for that. 

Victor Shared His Experience After Being Shortlisted To Be A Part Of Wednesday

Victor shared his audition process with Vanity Fair. He shared his first meeting with Tim Burton, an executive producer of the show. 

He said the casting was done in his hometown Bucharest and he just went there without expectations. 

He shared that he got a call and was told he was one of the last three magicians shortlisted for the role. 

He added that when he went to the studio for an audition, he saw two other magicians and was a big fan of those. 

After seeing his competitor, he was sure he would never land that role because those magicians were better than him. 

But Tim saw something in him, and he got the part. 

He wants to know why Tim selected him for the role, but it remains a mystery as Tim would never reveal the reason why he chose him. 

He added he felt an instant connection with Tim when he met him for the first time. 

He added he sat on a chair and started moving his hand, playing the character of Thing and talking with him simultaneously. 

He said he portrayed the hand as the hero and human being before him.

Victor Has Been Interested In Magic Since His Childhood

Victor used to do magic tricks from an early age. So he turned his passion into a profession. 

He started performing in stage shows. He showed his amazing magic tricks in a popular TV reality show iUmor. 

He got into the limelight after that show. He also shows his unbelievable tricks and illusion on his YouTube channel.

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