Who Is Victoria Ashton? Mother Of Zawe Ashton

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Who Is Victoria Ashton? Mother Of Zawe Ashton

Victoria Ashton is the mother of actress and filmmaker Zawe Ashton. She is originally from Uganda, but she grew up in England. She is married to Paul Ashton. They have three children.

Her husband worked as Education Officer, Chief Assistant and TV producer at BBC from 1983 to 1991

Victoria is an expert in design and technology.

Victoria Ashton with her daughter Zawe Ashton and husband Paul Ashton.
Victoria Ashton with her daughter Zawe Ashton and husband Paul Ashton. Source: Pinterest

Is Zawe Dating Anyone?

Zawe is currently in a relationship with actor Tom Hiddleston

They met each other on the set of Betrayal in 2019

They played husband and wife onscreen, and soon Tom fell for her onscreen wife in reality. 

Zawe Ashton with her partner Tom Hiddleston.
Zawe Ashton with her partner Tom Hiddleston. Source: Pinterest

They co-star fell for each other and started dating in February 2019

In the beginning, they dated secretly for a while, keeping their romance far from the public eye. 

They made their relationship official by appearing together at Tony Award as a couple in 2021

The two are in a serious relationship. 

Zawe Is Officially Engaged To Tom

After dating together for more than three years, they are officially engaged. 

In an interview with the LA Times, Tom confirmed that he is all set to exchange wedding vows with his lady love Zawe

Tom did not reveal much about their romance. He just said that he was very happy. 

It is clear to the audience that Tom and Zawe are very private regarding their personal life. 

So it is obvious why he did not give any insight into his romance or engagement. 

When the pair attended the BAFTA awards, Zawe was spotted wearing a sparkly engagement ring on her finger. 

The rumor of their engagement caught fire from then. 

The show's host posted a photo where Zawe was spotted with a diamond ring on her ring finger.


Her daughter Zawe is 37 years old

Net Worth

Her daughter's net worth is a whopping $10 million.

Victoria Ashton with her daughter Zawe Ashton.
Victoria Ashton with her daughter Zawe Ashton. Source: Twitter

Zawe Puked In Her Handbag

In an interview with Channel 4 Comedy, she shared one of her vomiting stories. 

Her story was associated with the show only. She has been on that show previously also. 

She shared that she was nervous about being on that show for the first time. 

The show crew was so kind and offered her drinks and many things.

She said yes to everything they offered her. She went for a few drinks afterward. 

Her home was far away as she had moved out of London. Her home was an hour and a half drive. 

She was in a cab heading home, and she felt sick in the middle of her journey. 

She did not want to upset the cab driver and puked on her handbag. 

She said that she had her passport renewed recently, so she took out her passport from her bag before puking.

Lesser Known Facts About Zawe

Zawe was born and raised in England. Her father is from England, and her mother is from Uganda. 

She has two siblings. She is the oldest one. 

Her grandfather served as President, Prime Minister and Vice President of Uganda

She is not just a great actor but also a writer too. 

She is into the arts. She loves to write poetry.

She is in a relationship with Tom Hiddleston and does not publicly talk about her romantic life. 

She is living with him in Atlanta, Georgia.

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