Who Is Victoria Chelbowski? Wife Of Michael Imperioli

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Who Is Victoria Chelbowski? Wife Of Michael Imperioli

Victoria Chelbowski is the wife of actor, director, and musician Michael Imperioli.

She was born in Russia in 1966. Her parents are Raisa Chelbowski and Ryszard Chelbowski

They are originally from Russia, but they migrated to the United States

Ryszard is not her biological father. Her mother used to work as a real estate agent, and her father is a master artisan.

Victoria grew up in a Jewish household but recently changed her religion from Christianity to Buddhism

She is an interior designer by profession. She has various businesses under her name. 

Victoria Chelbowski's husband and their two sons.
Victoria Chelbowski's husband and their two sons. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Victoria is happily married to Michael Imperioli. They knew each other from college but were not in a romantic relationship. 

In 1995 they met in a bar, and they started dating each other. 

They tied the knot in 1996, five months after seeing each other, and they have been together ever since. They share two kids, David and Vadim.

She has a daughter named Isabella from her previous relationship.

Victoria Chelbowski with her husband, Michael Imperioli.
Victoria Chelbowski with her husband, Michael Imperioli. Source: Pinterest


Her husband, Michael, is 57 years old.

Net Worth

Her husband's net worth is estimated to be $20 million

Victoria Chelbowski's daughter Isabella Chlebowski.
Victoria Chelbowski's daughter Isabella Chlebowski. Source: Instagram

Michael Was Surprised On How The Younger Generation Loved Sopranos

Michael was the lead cast in the American crime drama series 'Sopranos' which aired in 1999.

In 2022 it was ranked as the number-one show. He said he was amazed how younger people loved such an old show. 

He shared that during Halloween time, his Instagram is flooded with his fan's messages. 

They sent pictures of them in their Christopher Moltisanti costume.

He picked one of his favorite costumes from all and post in his Instagram handle. 

He said most of his fans are young people. He admitted that it is wild to imagine they were not even born when his show aired for the first time. 

He shared one incident when he met his young fan from Scotland. 

He met his young fan in New York, and that boy pulled up his pants and showed his tattoo, which was Michael's face. 

He said he was taken aback and scared, too, but he was happy that the younger generation loved him and the show. 

Michael Is Writing A Movie

In an interview, Michael revealed he is working on a secret project. 

He is writing a movie with David Chase, who was the creator of the show Sopranos and also with Steve Schirripa.

He said that he couldn’t know anything about the movie at that time, but when the time comes, he will talk about it. 

Michael Talked About Doing An Intimate Scene In The Show 'The White Lotus'

Michael was shooting in Italy for the show, and his wife was also in Italy with him, and both of them were working in San Domenico Palace in Sicily.

He said he had a wonderful time there as his wife was also there with him, but he felt awkward while shooting a specific scene. 

He said he had to shoot an intimate scene with his Italian co-stars. 

He had to do an intimate scene in a hot tub. They shot in a suite in a hotel room. 

He must take off his clothes and do sex scenes with his co-star. His room was right about the tub, and his wife was in the room at that time. 

He was worried about what would happen if his wife saw him half-naked. 

He tried convincing his director that they do that scene in the bed rather than the tub. 

He looked up to see if something was coming from the window. He somehow did the scene and went to his room. 

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