Who Is Victoria Marie Strandstoft? Stunning Girlfriend Of Mathias Jensen

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Who Is Victoria Marie Strandstoft? Stunning Girlfriend Of Mathias Jensen

Victoria Marie Strandstoft is the girlfriend of Danish professional footballer Mathias Jensen

Victoria is currently living in London, UK, with her boyfriend. She has a daughter with her partner. 

She was born in the year 1997 and has her birthday on May 5. She is Danish by her nationality. 

Victoria Marie Strandstoft with her partner, Mathias Jensen.
Victoria Marie Strandstoft with her partner, Mathias Jensen. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Victoria is not married yet, but she has a boyfriend. She is currently in a relationship with Mathias Jensen

They have been dating since 2018. They welcomed their first child, daughter Papaya Jensen two years after their relationship. 

As of 2022, Victoria welcomed her second child. She shared her pregnancy news through her Instagram and has posted many pictures of her baby bump. 

The couple hasn't revealed the face and gender of their baby number 2.

Victoria Marie Strandstoft with her children.
Victoria Marie Strandstoft with her children. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Victoria is 25 years old. Her net worth is unknown, but her boyfriend Mathias, who is currently 26 years old, has a net worth of $1.5 Million. 

Mathias Got Win Because Of His Ex-Teammate

Mathias’s team Brentford went against Manchester United, where his team won the Reds with a 4-0 victory. 

It was a tremendous victory for Mathias as he was one of the scorers in the match. 

But it was only possible because of his ex-teammate Christian Erikson

Brentford knew how their former player Erikson played and where his position would be held. 

So Brentford was ready to keep him low for the whole game. As one of the important playmakers in the team, without his active presence, Brentford got opportunities to counterattack their plays and avoid serious attacks on their side. 

Mathias was also really free to attack, as many of his teammates were taking care of other players and distracting them.

Mathias Couldn’t Play In His Senses

Mathias was replaced in place of Christian Erikson in the second half in the semi-finals of Euro 2020

As a critical half of the match, the player remembers every detail of the match. 

But Mathias played without sensing anything and didn’t remember anything. 

Erikson collapsed on the ground helpless in the second half, and it was unknown whether he was breathing.

Everyone was shocked and numb, seeing him. No one was ready to play unless he was stated fine. 

He was rushed to the hospital, and fortunately, he was breathing. His team had to continue the match, but Mathias and his team were not ready to play. 

They played, thinking about Erikson and his health. His team lost the match but didn’t care much about the game as they worried about their teammate.

Mathias Had To Stay Isolated

Mathias was in Denmark's World Cup qualifier team, and he came to play for the team. 

But on his way to the camp, he was found with Covid virus positive at the airport. 

Hence, he was directly taken into isolation by the government because of their rules and guidelines. 

He couldn’t play with the rest of the team because he could affect the entire team. 

He was safe and sound if isolated, so he didn’t have many problems. His teams were also okay with his isolation because it was for the well-being of the whole team in the camp.

It was reported that he would go directly to London after being removed from isolation to join his team.

Mathias Started To Bleed In The Match

Brentford was going against Wolverhampton in January when an accident occurred. 

While getting the air ball, the players, Mathias and Henry from the Brentford team, collapsed.

Both of the players hurt their faces with some cuts and injuries. 

Mathias was the one with the major injury, as he started to bleed really badly. 

The medical staff treated him for some time, and later, both players were substituted. 

The game didn’t have that one incident only. Later, the game was stopped for 18 minutes because of a drone flying over the stadium as a threat. 

The game ended up full of incidents.

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