Who is Vijay Chokalingam? Brother Of Mindy Kaling

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Who is Vijay Chokalingam? Brother Of Mindy Kaling

Vijay Chokalingam is the brother of American actress, comedian, screenwriter, and producer Mindy Kaling

Vijay himself is an author and has written a book titled Almost Black

He was born to his parents, Avu Chokalingam and Swati Chokalingam, in Massachusetts. He belongs to the Indian ethnicity. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Parents of Vijay Chokalingam
Parents of Vijay Chokalingam. Source: Reddit

Vijay Faked His Own Identity

Vijay is an Asian-American whose parents were raised in the USA

He was a brilliant student and always wanted to pursue a medical career

He got what he wanted. However, after many years, Vijay revealed that he faked his identity to get admission to the medical college. 

He knew that it would be hard for him to get into college as an Asian-American, so he changed his appearance and identified himself as African American. 

He shaved his head and cut his eyebrows to be seen as a black man. 

He even used his middle name, Jojo, to hide his Indian look. 

His trick worked well, and he got admission to St. Louis University

Racism In Medical College

Vijay has talked about the racism that existed in the medical college in America in an interview with Fox News

He claimed that when he over-viewed the statistical data, he knew the American Association of Medicine College has an advantage for African- Americans over Asian- Americans. 

So because of that, he got the Idea of changing his appearance to get enrolled. 

He enrolled as an African-American in one of the best medical colleges with a 3.1 GPA, which was comparatively lower than their average, which cleared the racism present in the medical college.

His Family Didn’t Support Vijay

Vijay revealed the scam he did to get into medical school and published the book Almost Black. 

He has talked about his scam in many interviews and revealed that his family was unhappy with his decision. 

When he told his family he would tell the world the truth, his family disagreed with him, especially his sister Mindy

She told him that his action would bring shame to the whole family. He didn’t receive any support from his parents and sister.

Vijay also said that he and his sister have an estranged relationship, and no matter how much he loves and cares for her, he can’t stand her sight. 

Their relationship got even messier after Mindy told him that his truth would disgrace his family. 

About Vijay’s Sister Mindy

Mindy is a professional actress, producer, and screenwriter

She came to the spotlight after she played the character of Kelly Kapoor in the NBC sitcom The Office.

She is also well known for being the creator of the series Never Have I Ever

Vijay Chokalingam's sister, Mindy Kaling.
Vijay Chokalingam's sister, Mindy Kaling. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

His sister, Mindy, is 44 years old. She has a net worth of $ 35 Million

Mindy Got Complimented From J.Lo 

Mindy opened up about her obsession with actress Jennifer Lopez in the talk show with Letterman

She met Jennifer on the red carpet and was opposite her. 

Jennifer was right in front of her, posing for the pictures. 

Mindy was also posing, but she was like a beginner posing by looking at the camera, but Jennifer was posing away from the camera.

Jennifer was posing like she despised everyone, and despite that, she was looking hot. 

Jennifer didn’t smile or anything, and suddenly, she looked at her and complimented her, saying she liked her dress. 

She got so excited and loved her that she was happy that she got noticed by J.Lo. She also commented on Jennifer’s dress. 

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