Vincenzo Caracciolo

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Vincenzo Caracciolo

Vincenzo Caracciolo is known as the father of the worldwide renowned singer Alessia Cara.  

His family is originally from Italy

When he was a small kid, their family moved to Canada. He was raised and brought up in Canadian society. 

Vincenzo used to work as a welder. 

Married to Enza Ciccione

Vincenzo got married to a woman named Enza Ciccione in June 1989. She is also from Italy

She was born and raised in the same country but later moved to Canada with her husband

They both fell in love and tied the knot. They have four children together. 

They have two sons and two daughters. Their names are Dante Cara, Dario Cara, Danica Cara, and the famous Alessia Cara

Their son Dante Cara is the founder of Dario C Productions

He works as a videographer, photographer, and director. He has also directed his sister’s music video. He is just 21 years old.

Their other children Dante and Danica, do not want to be in the limelight for now. 

Enza is a private person. She does not like revealing a lot about her family.

She was also not active on social media platforms before. But when her daughter Alessia won her first Grammy, she decided to enter the limelight and pose for cameras. 

Now she has her Instagram handle and keeps on updating about her life.

Vincenzo Caracciolo with his wife Enza Ciccione
Vincenzo Caracciolo with his wife Enza Ciccione    Source: Instagram

Relationship with popular Daughter

Alessia has mentioned in several interviews that her father was a strict person. He used to check up on her all the time. 

He was super strict when it came to Alessia’s dating life. He supervised and kept her under his eye till she was 19 years old. 

She also stated that he was the inspiration behind her song called Growing Pains

Vincenzo Caracciolo with daughter Alessia Cara
Vincenzo Caracciolo with daughter Alessia Cara  Source: Instagram

Career of Daughter

Alessia wanted to become a musician ever since she was a little kid. 

Vincenzo gifted her guitar when she was just ten years old. She started playing guitar on her own and taught herself to play many songs. 

Alessia started off posting cover songs on her YouTube channel. She was just 13 years old at that time. 

Later in 2014, she flew to the USA to pursue her music career professionally. 

She signed a management deal with EP Entertainment in the same year. 

She released her first debut song called here in 2015, and ever since, she has been unstoppable. 

Her music genre is pop, R&B, alternative R&B, Indie Pop, and Soul

She has been inspired by many famous artists like Amy Winehouse, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Lauryn Hill, pink, Taylor Swift, and Fergie

She also says that these artists have inspired her to write songs in different genres. 

Vincenzo Caracciolo  daughter Alessia Cara
Vincenzo Caracciolo  daughter Alessia Cara  Source: Instagram

Relationship of Daughter

Alessia was in a romantic association with singer Kevin Garrett. They were in a relationship for two years

They started dating in 2016 and decided to go on their separate ways in 2018

According to sources, she is single now.

Vincenzo Caracciolo  wife Enza Ciccione with daughter Alessia Cara
Vincenzo Caracciolo  wife Enza Ciccione with daughter Alessia Cara   Source: Instagram

Health Issues of Daughter

Alessia has shared that she experiences Synesthesia

She also suffers from a genetic condition called Keratosis pilaris. Not only this, but she also has alopecia areata.

Alessia is a Gymnast

Alessia Cara gave an interview on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon. In the interview, Alessia talked about her childhood, winning awards and many things. 

Jimmy started the interview by talking about Alessia’s performance for the first time in a show with Juanes

She performed the song Querer Mejor, which was her very first time singing a Spanish song. 

She was nominated two times for Grammy awards, and she also won Grammy awards in 2020

Alessia said she never thought she would be part of such big award shows. Alessia said that she had placed her Grammy awards along with other awards. 

She has placed her Grammy award right next to the award that she got for Gymnastics.

Alessia said she used to do Gymnast when she was seven years old. She was a terrible person and got that award for the best attitude, which she doesn’t consider an award. 

She then recalled childhood memory when she was performing gymnastics on stage. 

There were other girls with her on the stage, and they had to do a cartwheel. 

A girl standing before her did a cartwheel, and in her turn, she got nervous. Her instructor told her to do anything, and she raised her hand and walked away. 

She showed a clip of her, and it was really funny. She had no idea what she was doing, and as the instructor told her to do anything, she just did what came to her head.  

Alessia then talked about the tour that she did with Shawn Mendes. She tried to prank Shawn’s band, and it didn’t go as she thought. 

She brought a huge stuffed teddy bear, removed all the stuffing, and got inside the bear. 

She then turned all the things upside down in the room to scare them, but when Shawn and his band member came inside, they didn’t react. 

So her prank went wrong, and she didn’t have the reaction that she was expecting.

Net Worth

The net worth of Vincenzo has not been revealed as he is a normal citizen. But the average earnings of a welder are $40,000 per year.  

However, the net worth of his daughter is structured below:

Net WorthSources
$4 millionSinger, songwriter, producer

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. The age, height, and weight of Vincenzo have not been disclosed.
  2. He was born in Canada. His parents were from Italy.
  3. His nationality is Italian.

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