Viviane Dieye- Tragedy Of Herve Renard Wife

by Manisha Tue Oct 04 2022 Updated On Wed Dec 28 2022
Viviane Dieye- Tragedy Of Herve Renard Wife

Viviane Dieye is the ex-wife of a late French football player and manager, Bruno Metsu

After the death of his ex-husband, he found love again.

Now she is in a relationship with Herve Renard, who is a head coach of the Saudi Arabia National team.

Both of them have kids from their previous partners, and they both are co-parenting them. Herve has three kids and their names are Kevin Renard, Candide Renard, and Audrey Renard.

Her daughter Candide was a contestant in a French reality TV show named 'Koh Lanta' where she faced sexual assault in 2018

Family of Viviane Dieye
Family of Viviane Dieye. Source: Instagram

The Tragic Story Of Viviane And Bruno

Her ex-husband was diagnosed with primary colon cancer in 2012. 

When the cancer was diagnosed, he was already at the final stage of it, and he had only a few months to live. 

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The news was a great shock for his family. The couple shares three children together. 

As a wife, Viviane was devastated as she knew that she was going to lose him anyhow. 

Her late husband said they were crying, holding each other in the hospital after his diagnosis. 

After battling cancer for 18 months, and a lot of chemotherapy and treatment, her husband passed away. 

In an interview, she paid tribute to her late husband and said he was a generous, caring, charismatic man, and everyone will remember him for that.

Viviane Dieye with her late husband, Bruno Metsu.
Viviane Dieye with her late husband, Bruno Metsu. Source: Pinterest


Her partner Herve is 54 years old

Net Worth

Her partner Herve's net worth is estimated to be $1 to 4 million. 

Viviane Dieye with her partner, Herve Renard.
Viviane Dieye with her partner, Herve Renard. Source: Instagram

Herve Recalled 1978 World Cup Moments 

Herve was ten years old when he watched the World Cup for the first time on TV. It was held in Argentina

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He watched a match with Argentina. He remembered Mario Kempes. He said the atmosphere of the stadium was amazing. 

The grass and the white papers on the grass and a huge number of fans supporting their teams. 

He was fascinated by that visual. For a boy who was just 10, it was a completely new experience for him. 

He said he still had a great memory of those times when he watched the World Cup for the first time. 

He said he was very sad when France lost against Germany in a penalty shootout. 

He said supporting the national team and seeing that defeat was frustrating for him. 

He said he felt like he had lost some loved ones at that moment.

Herve Talked About His Coaching Career So Far

Herve started his career as an assistant coach in 1999. Herve has been in the coaching field for more than twenty years. 

He said that he had never imagined that he would coach for Africa. 
In 2007 he was appointed as the manager of the Ghana national team.

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He said even though the team didn’t win the Africa Cup of Nations, the team was one of the best teams he has ever worked with in his career. 

He said he was fortunate to start his coaching career by working with the Black stars of Ghana. 

He said when he arrived in Ghana, it was a bit difficult to communicate as his English was not so good. 

He said at first, it was hard for him to work as an assistant manager, but he learned from his experience, and he said he is a lucky man to get the opportunity to work with many teams in his career. 

He said when he looks back at it, he is proud of what he has done so far as a manager. 

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