Who Is Viviane Leya Iseka? Mother Of Michy Batshuayi

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Viviane Leya Iseka is the beautiful mother of professional football player Michy Batshuayi. 

Viviane Leya Iseka, Mother Of Michy
Viviane Leya Iseka, Mother Of Michy Source: Lifebogger

Relationship of Viviane 

Viviane is married to Pino Batshuayi. The couple used to belong from Africa. 

They got immigrated to Belgium for a good lifestyle and better life. 

Children of Viviane 

Viviane is a mother of two sons. Her elder son was born on October 2, 1933, in Brussels, Belgium, named Michy

The name of the younger son is Aaron Leya Iseka. He was born on  November 15, 1997, in Brussels, Belgium

Where is the son of Viviane engaging?

The children of Viviane are engaged in the path of football. 

Her elder son Michy is a professional football player who currently plays for the Super Lig club Fenerbahce since September 2, 2022, and for the national team of Belgium since 2015. 

His younger brother is also a professional football player who plays for Barnsley. Both of the brothers are strikers on their respective teams. 

Age and Net Worth

The age and net worth of Viviane are under review. 

Instead, her son Michy's net worth is $1.5 million. He was paid $32 million while signing for his former club Chelsea in 2016

How did Michy start his career?

Michy is a professional football player by profession. His parents and siblings gave him great support to start his football career. 

His parents were sports lovers, so they enrolled Michy at a youth academy in RFC Evere to give training in 2003

Finishing his youth career in 2011, he played his first professional match with the Belgian professional football club Standard Liege. He is well known by the name of “Batman.

Opinion of Axel Witsel on Michy 

Axel and Michy are good friends, and both of them play for the same Belgium national team

When they were in the same interview, Axel said that he was a funny and nice guy. He has a lot of qualities about football. 

He is very strong and good technically. Almost all the time, Michy is invited to play for the national team

The fun fact was that Michy used to be late whenever the team had some meetings. 

Axel said that Michy is quite fond of Dragon Ball Z and Batman

He has kept big plastic models of the characters of Dragon Ball Z in his house. 

He is also fond of a cartoon TV show named Sponge Bob. He wears a dress designed with the characters of Sponge Bob. 

Playing in South Stand was incredible for Batshuayi

Michy said that the yellow wall of the stadium was incredible for the south stand. 

It was one of the best stadiums in Europe for him to play, so he was pleased to be there. 

He hoped to win many games there and wanted to see the fans jumping and buzzing there. 

Role model of Michy 

When Michy was asked about his role model, he gave the name Ronaldo who was a Brazilian professional football player. 

He was also known as The Phenomenon. Ronaldo is a role model for Michy because he is a very strong striker

Ronaldo could find space in every situation. 

Even when there used to be no space, he would find the space to drive the ball toward the goal. 

For Michy, he was a powerful, intelligent and quick player or a complete player. 

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